Bin collection service announcements

This page contains all announcements regarding residents’ bin collections. Please check below to see if your street name is listed as a missed collection. If your village/street is not on the list, please check our bin collection calendar to find your collection date. If your bin should have been collected but hasn’t, please report this using our online form by 3.30pm the following day and we will come back within two working days.

Blue bin collections in Cottenham, Friday 23 March

We were unable to empty blue bins on the following streets in Cottenham today, due to a vehicle breakdown: Corbett Street, Cundell Drive, Margett Street, New Road, Rooks Street, Telegraph Street, Oakington Road, Orchard Close, Rampton Road, The Rowells and Worland Way. We will revisit tomorrow (Saturday), so please put your bin out again if you were affected. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Changes to the way we collect extra recycling

We have changed the way we collect extra recycling left alongsde blue bins because we have new lorries which operate differently to our previous vehicles. We will empty your bin first, then put any extra recycling in the bin, and empty it again.

As a result ot this change, we will collect one transparent sack of recycling (keep glass in the blue bin please) left next to your blue bin and one bundle of cardboard broken down to a size which would fit in the bin if there was space.


  • Don’t leave cardboard out in the rain. Soggy cardboard gets stuck to other materials making it hard to recycle
  • Place other recycling in one transparent sack. Black sacks and more than one sack will not be collected. Transparent sacks are available online and in supermarkets
  • Put any glass inside your bin, not the sack, for safety reasons

If you always need to put out extra recycling, order an extra blue bin for free.

It may not be possible to collect additional recycling if there is a high volume on your collection round or if there is congestion which jeopardises the completion of bin collections.

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