Maps of proposed development scheme in the area.
Information about how to apply for Planning Permission and application form checklists and guidance material.
Information about how we monitor development and planning to ensure the protection of our local environment. The page contains our priorities and how you can complain about a building process.

Effective business continuity planning is critical to ensuring that the essential functions of your business can carry on despite an emergency.

Many businesses will already have plans to deal with sudden commercial risk. These may include events such as the failure of critical suppliers, an unexpected bad debt, industrial action or the discovery of a serious fault in a product or process.

Planning for the aftermath of major incident whether this be fire, flooding or even a terrorist incident is very similar.

Potential hazards

  • Incendiary devices.
  • Explosive devices.
  • Chemical or biological contamination.
  • Sharp blades / needles.

Look for the following

  • The postmark, is it foreign?
  • Do you normally get letters or parcels from this country?
  • Is the name and address of the sender missing
  • The writing: is it 'unusual' in style.
Noise pollution, the best way to deal with it, and examples of how South Cambridgeshire District Councils can help reduce the problem.
A clear and simple guide to processing planning applications.
Find out about the joint planning arrangements in place to support the major growth happening around Cambridge.
Officers wrote to the Joint Promoters in May 2012 in response to the Development Framework Document (DFD) and Phase 1 Outline Planning Application Submissions. The Joint Promoters response can be found in this page.

What is the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan?

The South Cambridgeshire Local Plan will set out the planning policies and proposals to guide the development and use of the land in the district for the period up to 2031. Once adopted, all planning applications will be assessed against the policies in the Local Plan.

The Local Development Scheme sets out the timetable for the preparation of the new Local Plan.