You can now add your bin collection dates to your calendar by clicking on “add to my calendar” above the bin dates for your house.

To do this you have to use our find your bin collection day page enter your postcode and click on your address. Alternatively if you do not know your postcode then please enter your house number, street and village name. 

Where large developments take place which require the building of new roads, the names of these roads have to be approved by the local council. We undertake a thorough consultation process to obtain local agreement to any proposed street names.
The Local Development Framework (LDF) guides development within South Cambridgeshire, find out more information in this page.
This page outlines the Core Strategy, the overall approach to development in the district.
Condensation can lead to mould. Here are our tips for keeping your house free of condensation and mould.
This page contains Development Control Policies adoption and historic documents.

Devolution is when certain power, responsibilities and funding are transferred down from Central Government to a local region.

This will mean that more important decisions are decided by a local combined authority rather than being imposed by Government as well as new funding. This includes decisions on things like housing, transport and major infrastructure projects.

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Find out if you need a licence for your business or find out if a business already has a licence.