Our Business Plan 2020/2021

Our Business Plan

South Cambridgeshire Business Plan 2020/2021

What we're about

Putting the heart into Cambridgeshire by:

  • Helping businesses to grow
  • Building homes that are truly affordable to live in
  • Being green to our core
  • Putting our customers at the centre of everything we do

We will support businesses of all sizes, including rural enterprise and farming, to help create new jobs and opportunities near to where people live.

To do this, our priorities before the end of March 2021 are to: 

  • Create a new business team with a single point of contact for business enquiries when they involve more than one team
  • Help start-ups and home-based businesses to find workspace, and identify new locations for expanding businesses to move to
  • Deliver support to start-ups and small businesses that is not available elsewhere to help them grow, create new local jobs and deal with the impacts of Brexit
  • Promote the area and Enterprise Zones to retain businesses and attract new ones which will protect and create local jobs

We will build vibrant communities in locations where people have good access to facilities and transport links, so they can genuinely afford to lead a happy and healthy life.

To do this, our priorities before the end of March 2021 are to:

  • Finish building 50 new council homes in 2020/2021 (as part of our commitment to double the number being built by 2024). These will include high energy efficiency standards throughout and renewable energy
  • Work with local people to set out where and how new homes and communities will be built across the Greater Cambridge area
  • Regularly meet with communities where significant new developments are being planned to minimise disruption and help new residents settle in
  • Improve the energy efficiency of existing council homes
  • Find out what Northstowe residents want from a new community centre and submit planning permission for a new sports pavilion 

We will create a cleaner, greener and zero-carbon future for our communities.

To do this, our priorities before the end of March 2021 are to:

  • Finalise our strategy for the wider district to become zero-carbon by 2050
  • Work with partners to protect and enhance the environment with the aim of doubling nature
  • Retrofit South Cambs Hall to dramatically cut our carbon emissions and energy bills
  • Trial an electric bin lorry to see whether the entire fleet can go electric
  • Give another £100,000 to local projects to reduce carbon emissions
  • Upgrade our 1,800 streetlights to more efficient LEDs
  • Protect and improve the air quality in our district
  • Help event organisers recycle more and throw away less
  • Cut the amount of food waste in black bins by 200 tonnes per month
  • Deter fly-tipping at locations where it happens frequently

We will provide our customers with high-quality services, strive to reduce costs, build on what we are good at to generate our own income and make decisions in a transparent, open and inclusive way.

To do this, our priorities before the end of March 2021 are to:  

  • Review our staff structures to deliver our core services and business plan priorities
  • Review recruitment processes to attract and retain a diverse and talented workforce
  • Increase the income we generate through investments, with the aim of generating 25 per cent by 2023/2024
  • Make it easier for customers to access and carry out transactions online
  • Run paper-free Council and committee meetings wherever possible
  • Set up at least three new mobile warden schemes to help people live in their homes for longer



View our business plan for 2020-25. [PDF, 0.2MB]


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