Our Business Plan

Our business plan promises

Our 2023 to 2024 Business Plan actions were agreed at Full Council on Tuesday 21 February.

Putting the heart into South Cambridgeshire by

We will support businesses of all sizes, including rural enterprise and farming, to help create new jobs and opportunities near to where people live and support the local economy to recover post-pandemic. 

Ongoing objectives into 2022-23:

  • Work with parish councils and village-based businesses to support local economies and communities as part of our wider economic recovery work. This will include helping to establish new local markets, and continuing to visit local businesses to offer advice and support
  • Encourage people to use their local shops and food outlets so that high streets are retained and expanded wherever possible and local, independent businesses are championed. On-going communications and marketing campaigns such as our #On your Doorstep Campaign and continued evolution of Visit South Cambs - best days out and weekends away in Cambridgeshire to support and promote local commerce will be key vehicles for this
  • Continue to work with the CPCA Inward Investment (Growth) Service to ensure Inward investment into our region remains a priority
  • Continue to be the voice and advocate for South Cambridgeshire businesses with wider partners and networks (including our Joint Local Plan) and ensure we are adequately represented in key economic policy/decision-making initiatives
  • Support Green Council initiatives, ensuring our business community are able to deliver on 2021-2050 net zero objectives. This includes helping with apprenticeship, skills and training support as appropriate to deliver outcomes and providing advice to help businesses to understand the benefits of generating their own energy, improving their own energy efficiency and wider post COP 26 initiatives and developments
  • Support major employers to help homes and jobs be closer together or linked through high quality public transport, walking and cycling routes
  • Work with the Police and other agencies through the Community Safety Partnership to tackle crime impacting rural businesses

We will build vibrant communities in locations where people have good access to facilities and transport links, so they can genuinely afford to lead a happy and healthy life.

Ongoing objectives into 2022-23:

  • Support the delivery of more affordable housing – and we will seek related external funding to do this wherever possible
  • Promote Neighbourhood Plans and encourage our communities to develop them
  • Focus on the health and wellbeing of our communities through everything we do, in line with our Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • Private sector housing stock condition survey to be undertaken by the end of the year
  • Provide advice and support to prevent homelessness and help vulnerable people in line with our Homelessness Action Plan
  • Provide dedicated support to people in receipt of Universal Credit and other welfare support
  • Work with national, regional and local partners to support the needs of refugees
  • Keep under review the development and resourcing of more liaison meetings in South Cambridgeshire, if capacity allows


We will create a cleaner, greener and zero-carbon future for our communities.

Ongoing objectives into 2022-23:

  • Promote walking, cycling and public transport improvements through planning decisions and by working with local communities and partners
  • Influence the planning of new major transport routes, such as the proposed East West rail line, to ensure the environment is fully considered and a net gain to natural capital is delivered
  • Support homeowners to upgrade the environmental performance of historic buildings through planning advice and guidance
  • Promote effective implementation of supplementary planning guidance supporting low carbon developments
  • Strengthen the ability for local communities to deliver on local environmental ambitions and priorities included in the Zero Carbon and Doubling Nature Strategies
  • Work with communities and partners to combat environmental crimes, such as fly-tipping and deter fly-tipping at locations where it happens frequently
  • Reduce waste and raise awareness by promoting recycling
  • Encourage the expansion of electric vehicle charging points across our sub-contractors and partners
  • Explore the expansion of electric vehicle charging points in sheltered housing schemes

We will provide our customers with high-quality services, strive to reduce costs, build on what we are good at to generate our own income and make decisions in a transparent, open and inclusive way.

Ongoing objectives into 2022-23:

  • Expand and grow our commercial services
  • Develop and support Councillors and officers to ensure that they can best serve our communities
  • Create an organisational culture to deliver continuous improvement
  • Continue to work with public sector partners and a network of parish councils and voluntary groups to support the most vulnerable people in the district and our businesses throughout the response phases of the Covid-19 pandemic


Like all public services, we face significant economic challenges in uncertain times, so it is imperative that land and property assets are used to support our Business Plan ambition for the District to be a place to grow. The proactive management of resources — including our land and property — is essential and this Corporate Asset Plan clearly sets out how this will be achieved.

Our Corporate Asset Plan

Of key importance is how the CAP assists our Economic Growth Strategy to realise economic development and regeneration opportunities, thereby creating wealth and place-shaping opportunities throughout the District.
Alongside other corporate plans and strategies, the Corporate Asset Plan (CAP) sets out 6 clear priorities to ensure that the Council acts as a responsible landlord, landowner and partner dedicated to ensuring public services are delivered efficiently and effectively. There is a commitment to develop and effectively manage the commercial estate, operational buildings and other property assets that exist for the benefit of the community and to work with our partners to exploit opportunities to share premises and reduce costs to the tax payer. This Plan provides the necessary framework for delivering effective asset and estate management.

As a responsible landlord we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of its estate and the Plan shows how we will be building on carbon-reduction investment opportunities to ensure our commercial premises and council buildings continue to meet stringent environmental legislation.

Overall our aim is to provide value for money services at the right time, from the right property, in the right location and this Plan and its associated action plan will ensure that we continue to focus on excellent service delivery to the District's residents, visitors and businesses in the District, contributing towards South Cambridgeshire becoming the place to grow.

Read our full Corporate Asset plan. [PDF, 2MB]

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