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About North West Cambridge

About North West Cambridge

Image of development site in north west cambridge

The site can be split into three sections:

• Land between Madingley Road and Huntingdon Road (known as the University site or North West Cambridge)

• Land between Huntingdon Road and Histon Road (known as Darwin Green 1)

• Land to the north west of Darwin Green (known as Darwin Green 2)

How can I view the North West Cambridge applications?

The easiest way for you to view the plans is to visit and search for the planning applications using the application reference number:

  • 11/1114/OUT – Outline planning application for University site

If you do not have internet access, you can also view the plans at our office between 9am and 5pm weekdays.

Any consultations can be accessed here 


2008 - Independent Inspectors advised us we had not identified sufficient land to meet our housing requirements of 20,000 new homes between 1999 and 2016. They concluded the shortfall must be made up through new sites in the Council's Site Specific Policies Development Plan Document (DPD). The Darwin Green site was extended to the north west to make up part of this shortfall.

2010 - North West Cambridge Area Action Plan adopted
August 2012 – Outline application approved

2013 – Section 73 approved (13/1402/S73, S/2036/13/VC)

2013 - University granted outline planning permission for the masterplan for the 150 hectare site

Present – Work has started on BDW1 (Darwin Green phase 1), an outline application is currently being brought forward for Darwin Green phase 2 and 3. Building on The University Site is well under way and many residents have already moved in.