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News release from: 13/05/2024

More than 750 saplings have been planted in South Cambs in the Six Free Trees project!

More than 750 saplings have been planted in South Cambs in the Six Free Trees project!

A zero-carbon initiative launched four years ago has seen 758 saplings planted in South Cambridgeshire since the scheme began.

The District Council’s Six Free Trees scheme offers parish councils the opportunity to plant new trees in their village.

In the most recent round, 146 new native saplings were planted by 45 parishes. The aim is to provide homes and food for wildlife and help combat climate change.

The scheme is one of a range of initiatives by the Council to support its ambitions to double nature and get the district to net zero carbon by 2050.

Cllr Brian Milnes, Lead Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “Young trees can absorb around 6kg of carbon a year, so these 758 trees are an important tool to help lock away CO2 in the District year on year. Trees are the lungs of our planet, and by distributing them at the local level, we empower communities to actively contribute to the preservation of our environment. Trees improve our air, soil and water quality. They safely process carbon, support biodiversity and have benefits for mental health and well-being, as well as helping create a sense of place. Even when young, trees can support a wealth of birds, insects, fungi and lichen. As they age, their benefits to biodiversity increase – one mature oak tree can be host to as many as 500 different species.”

Six Free Trees project

Parish councils are given the choice of one larger potted tree or six smaller whips.

Trees may be chosen from a selection of native varieties including silver birch, wild cherry and English oak.

Parish councils are responsible for undertaking the planting and supporting the young trees by watering them for the first three years.