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Operator licence

What is an Operator Licence for?

The legislation requires any person, who in the course of business makes provision for the invitation or acceptance of bookings for a private hire vehicle, must be licensed as a Private Hire operator.

All work undertaken by Private Hire vehicles (and drivers), must be pre-booked via a licensed operator. All 3 licences (private hire vehicle, private hire driver and operator) must be issued by the same local authority.

New applicants must be subject to the fit and proper test and new premises must also be assessed for suitability.

Please note, in order to hold an Operator Licence with us, you must have an office address in South Cambridgeshire.

Apply for your operators licence

All licensed drivers and operators must have completed a safeguarding course. The following organisations provide approved training. If your chosen provider is not one of the following, please contact us for advice.


Blue Lamp Trust

High Speed Training

Documents now required for both renewal and new operator licence applications are:

  • Basic DBS - less than 1 month old (For non-driver operators)
  • Proof of national insurance
  • Proof of right to work
  • ICO registration certificate
  • Training procedure
  • Complaints policy
  • Customer service policy
  • Disability awareness policy
  • Disciplinary procedure
  • Lost property procedure
  • Public liability insurance (If applicable)
  • Landlord permission to operate a business from the address (If applicable)

How much does an Operator Licence cost?

Operator licences are charged on a 1 or 5 year basis, the costs are listed below.

  • 1 year charge: £242
  • 5 year charge: £913

Proof of right to work

We have a statutory obligation to ensure that applicants have the legal right to work in the UK prior to issuing a licence. The issuing or refusing of licences will be undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Immigration Act 2016.

An operator’s licence cannot be issued to persons who do not have the right to work in the UK. A licence ceases to be in force if the person to whom it was granted becomes disqualified by reason of their immigration status. Where this applies, the person must immediately cease to operate and return their operator’s licence to us within 7 days.

All applicants must provide proof of right to work at time of application. We will only accept original documents. 

Check the Home Office employers Right to Work checklist.

Apply for a DBS check

Operators who are not also licensed drivers are required to submit a basic DBS disclosure less than 1 month old. The basic disclosure will list any current convictions and cautions, but nothing which is considered spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. The reason is that operators do not necessarily have close contact with vulnerable persons, but do have access to personal information.

Check if you are eligible and apply online

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