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Street trading licences

Application for a street trading consent under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982

On 1 March 2022, we adopted a Street Trading Policy [PDF, 0.2MB] which covers all streets (except the A11 and A14, and any area of land which is in the ownership and control of the County, District or Parish Council) in the District. 

The policy refers to a person wanting to sell any produce or article in a consent street, including the following examples:

  • Food vans
  • Ice cream vans
  • Flower sellers
  • Vans selling bread, cakes, vegetables, for example

There are a few activities excluded from the scope of the regime, and these include trading at a fair, fete or similar one-day community event. Full details can be found within the policy.

Schedule of fees (until 1 April 2024) [PDF, 0.1MB]

There are 2 types of Consent, Standard Consent and Consented Premises.

Standard Consent

(i) Static Street Consent

Where the operator is trading at a fixed pitch for more than 4-and-a-half hours in a 24-hour period.

 (ii) Mobile Street Consent

Where the trader wishes to move from place to place. In order to meet the criteria for mobile consent, whilst a trader may have consent for multiple sites, they must not trade in one location for more than 4-and-a-half hours at a time, and must not return to the same site on the same day. (The 4-and-a-half hour period excludes setting up and clear up time.)   

(iii) Layby Traders

Where the operator is trading fixed hours in 1 location throughout the week.

Please note the Parish of Bar Hill has a blanket ban on street trading, so please ensure you have contacted the Parish for an exception to this rule before submitting an application.

In addition, trading from the Green, Northstowe falls under the control of Northstowe Foodies.

Consented Premises  

These are areas that are privately owned, operated and managed to which the public have access without payment, these include, but are not limited to; car parks and other areas attached to public houses or village halls. This consent is issued to a premise to enable a single location to be used by different consented premises traders on an ad-hoc basis. This applies to private landowners or occupiers, such as public house car parks, who wish to host traders to complement their primary business. This consent may be suitable for pop-up food traders and also non-food items, such as Christmas trees.

Consented Premises Trader  

Where trading may take place at consented premises only in the District.

Any individual wishing to trade in these areas must be registered as a consented premises trader. Once issued, the consent will enable the trader to trade at any consented premises within the South Cambridgeshire District.

If you wish to trade as a standard consent trader and a consented premises trader, both permissions must be obtained.

Application Forms

The Policy will explain what is required, and the conditions that will be attached to any consent that may be granted.
Standard Consent - for trading on the highway or at any location not registered as a Consented Premises.
Consented Premises - where you own or occupy the land and wish to allow trading to take place.
Consented Premises Trader - where you wish to trade at a premises which holds a Consented Premises consent.

Apply for Standard Consent

Approved Consented Premises Locations

The below list is regularly updated as and when new premises are approved.

The Black Horse 
6 High Street
CB24 8QE
King William IV
8 Church Street
CB24 9EP
The Cotton Hall
Cambridge Road
The Local Centre
Kestrel Rise
Trumpington Meadows
The Three Tuns
30 High Street
Guilden Morden
Waggon and Horses
110 High Street
CB21 4JT
Wylde Skye Brewing Ltd
Unit 8a, The Grip Industrial Estate
CB21 4XN
The Black Horse
35 Park Street
Dry Drayton
CB23 8DA
Abington Stores
81 High Street
Great Abington
CB21 6AB
Jubilee Square
The Hare and Hounds
60 High Street
CB23 1ES
The Three Horseshoes
22 South Street
CB23 7DZ
The White Lion
96 High Street
CB22 3HJ

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