Employee benefits and entitlements


Our pay and grading structure is in line with the National Joint Council Job Evaluation Scheme. Within each pay band, annual increments are awarded subject to satisfactory performance. Salary is paid on last working day by BACS transfer to your bank account. The Council will have regard to the Living Wage Foundation hourly rate when it agrees annual pay awards for its staff each year.

Annual leave

Depending on grade and length of continuous Local Government service, annual leave entitlement is between 24 and 33 days. All statutory holidays are given. There is also 1 further concessionary day, granted by the Authority, which is allocated to the Christmas holiday.

Hours of Work

The working week for all employees is 37 hours. Working arrangements for most office-based staff are in accordance with our Flexible Working Hours scheme. However, working arrangements for non-office based employees are to suit the needs of their particular service.

Disciplinary & Grievances

We have clear policies in place to deal with any disciplinary matters, as well as grievances which employees may raise.

Equal Opportunities

We have an Equality and Diversity policy which ensures that our recruitment and selection processes are non-discriminatory and encourages applications from all sections of the community. The policy also enables all our staff to have fair and equal access to relevant learning and development opportunities, and to the information they need to do their jobs.

Extraneous Duties

To meet the Working Time Directive, employees wishing to engage in any other business or take up any other additional appointments must get written consent of the relevant Manager.

Training and Development

We offer a range of training opportunities where this would be beneficial to individuals and / or departments.


Membership of the Local Government Pension Scheme is available to all of our employees.

Probation Period

All new employees will be subject to the satisfactory completion of either a three or six month probation period depending on length of contract.


There are parking facilities on all sites, however, availability cannot be guaranteed.

Mileage Scheme

we have a business mileage reimbursement scheme


We have a dedicated Zipcar based outside out Cambourne offices, for use by our employees during the work day. The car can be booked for business use, and is free to use.

Car Sharing Schemes

‘CamShare’ is an on-line car sharing scheme which assists employees in finding other staff to car share with. ‘CamShare’ is a secure system where contact is made through work e-mail addresses only.

Cycle Scheme

We have signed up to Cyclescheme, which administers the Government's Bike to Work scheme.

Health & Safety

We aim to ensure a safe working environment for all its employees through the implementation and monitoring of its health and safety policy, providing training and guidance of safe working practices where appropriate.

Maternity Benefits

An employee may receive Occupational Maternity / Adoption pay of 12 weeks at half pay as well as SMP / SAP payments, depending on length of service. Changes in legislation are always reflected in our policy and practice.

Childcare Vouchers

As part of its family friendly initiative, the Council, in conjunction with a Childcare Voucher provider, operates a salary sacrifice scheme for the purchase of childcare vouchers.


Successful candidates will be required to complete a confidential questionnaire on their medical history and confirmation of the appointment will be subject to medical clearance. In certain circumstances, the person may be required to undergo a medical examination by the Council’s Medical Adviser.


All Council premises, including vehicles, are Smoke Free Zones.

Membership of a Trade Union

We currently recognise UNISON and GMB for collective bargaining purposes.

Professional Membership Fees

If your role requires you to be a member of a professional body, the membership fees will be covered by the Council. This must be approved by your line manager. 

Politically Restricted Posts

The Local Government and Housing Act 1989 puts restrictions on certain local government employees (according to status, salary level and the nature of duties) preventing them from taking part in some types of political activity. If an employee is appointed to such a post he / she will be advised of this and given full details of the implications and any right of appeal. If an employee subsequently moves into a restricted category, he / she will be advised of this on an individual basis.

Employee Wellbeing

We support a few corporate subscriptions for the benefit of employees. In addition, there is a programme of sports classes on site and a number of social and charitable events are arranged throughout the year.

Relocation Expenses

Relocation expenses, up to a maximum amount, may be payable in approved cases to newly appointed employees required to relocate to the South Cambridgeshire area in order to take up their appointments. Employees must be moving from an area at least 50 miles away / over one hours' traveling time from their new place of employment. The property to be purchased / rented must be no more than 35 miles away / under one hours' traveling time from their new place of employment.

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