Tenant Working Groups

Tenant Working Groups
Our Housing Engagement Board elects two representatives from each of our three housing areas to help us deliver services that are focused on tenants needs. 
We also have a Housing Performance Panel that reviews the performance of key areas of our service and identifies areas where performance could be improved and suggests improvements that could come out of this.
Other working groups may be set up to look at specific projects that need input from our tenants.  

 Our Housing Engagement Board is made up of 10 people: Housing Engagement board logo

  • Six elected tenant representatives (one is leaseholder)
  • Three District Councillors
  • Head of Housing, Peter Campbell

Your current tenant representatives

A tenant representative’s role is very important. They are the voice of tenants living in South Cambridgeshire council homes. Their role is to work with the head of housing and councillors to prioritise budgets, work, resources, and policies to deliver a service that focuses on tenants needs.

There are two representatives elected for each housing area (North, East, and West), you can see the current tenant representatives for each housing area in the table below.

South Cambridgeshire tenant representatives, as of March 2021

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Elected representative

Elected representative


Margaret Wilson

Dave Kelleway


Les Rolfe

Peter Tye


Wendy Head

John Taylor

The Housing Performance Panel work to improve housing services for all tenants and leaseholders by reviewing, assessing, and challenging our performance, as well as our contractor’s performance. The panel identifies areas where performance could be improved and suggests improvements that could come out of this. 

The Housing performance panel is made up of: Housing performance panel logo

  • The Lead member for Housing
  • 6 tenant representatives, including at least one leaseholder
  • The Head of Housing, Peter Campbell

Minutes and performance reports of meetings


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