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Problems during your tenancy

Landlord responsibilities

Having problems with your rented property? Tell your landlord, as they are responsible for most repairs and ensuring the safety of their tenants.

repairing a sinkYour landlord is responsible for maintaining your homes:

  • installation of supply for water, gas and electricity, for example water tanks
  • wash basins, sinks, baths, and toilets
  • installations for space heating and heating water, such as boilers
  • structure and exterior (including drains, gutters, and external pipes)
  • window frames
  • walls

Your landlord should also carry out a gas safety check every year if gas appliances are supplied.

Tenant responsibilities

woman washing a window

You will usually be responsible for:

  • keeping gutters clear of leaves
  • unblocking drains
  • keeping your home in a clean and presentable condition

This should be specified in your tenancy agreement.


If you damage anything in the property you will normally be liable for the damage and have to pay for it. The money will be taken from your rental deposit or you may be able to negotiate with your landlord or letting agent to replace it or repair the damage yourself.

Problems with your landlord or letting agent

poor behaviour from a landlord or letting agent can lead to tenancy problems. Behaviour such as:

  • if they come round to visit the property without notice
  • trying to get you to move out without proper notice
  • not carrying out repairs

If you are experiencing problems like these, or other problems with your landlord or letting agent, contact us at or call 01954 713 000.Women on phone

Please use our housing advice form if you need any additional help

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