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First Proposals for the new Local Plan

Name First Proposals for the new Local Plan
Description The public consultation, which started on 1 November, will help to shape the final plan – which will eventually set out how Greater Cambridge will develop over the next twenty years. In our First Proposals we have suggested 19 new sites that we think might be suitable for additional development to meet our needs up to 2041. These were chosen from over 900 sites assessed by our team. These proposed sites have no planning status yet, and will not have any status until the new Plan is adopted, which may not be until 2024 or 2025. You can tell us whether you think they are the right sites, as part of our First Proposals consultation.
Start date 01/11/2021
Closing date 13/12/2021

37,198 homes are already planned for Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire between now and 2041. This is through existing Local Plans for the District and City Councils which were adopted back in 2018, existing planning permissions and ‘windfall’ sites expected to come forward. Proposals for the new joint Greater Cambridge Local Plan suggest the following additional housing sites for the period up to 2041:

  • 6,750 new homes at North East Cambridge and Cambridge East (the airport site)
  • An additional 1,950 new homes at Cambourne
  • Bringing forward development at Waterbeach new town and Northstowe at a faster rate, so these become thriving communities more quickly
  • An additional 1,000 new homes at Eddington, on the land already allocated for development
  • Six additional village sites, totalling 384 homes
  • One additional site in central Cambridge, for 20 homes.

Learn more on the Greater Cambridge Planning Site.