Northstowe Community Connectors Group

This group was formed in March 2020 with the aim of facilitating interaction between the residents of Northstowe, the residents of surrounding villages, Councils and developers, as well as to provide a channel by which residents can be more involved in helping and supporting the development of Northstowe.

The first meeting of this group will be at 7:30pm 26 of March 2020

Location: Pathfinder Way, Northstowe, Cambridgeshire CB24 1AA

Please email for an invitation to attend. 

The agenda shall consist of two items:

1) Ratifying the Draft Terms of Reference 

Draft Terms of Reference – updated May 2020

  1. To establish a Community Working Group made up of local residents from Northstowe or villages effected by Northstowe who are interested in helping to shape and support the new community as the development progresses.
  2. Anybody resident in the communities of Longstanton, Oakington or Northstowe, or with a specific interest in the topic being discussed may be invited to attend.
  3. Group meetings will be advertised to local communities and are potentially open to all on an invitation and/or recruitment basis. To this end the existence of the Group and its purpose shall be advertised at suitable intervals through the usual channels (notice boards, website, community magazines).
  4. The Group will meet first Wednesday of each month, except in months when a Northstowe Community Forum is held instead. (this date may be subject to change based up availability of key persons)
  5. Notification of alternative dates of meetings shall be made to members one meeting in advance.
  6. Each meeting may take one of the following formats:

General Meeting

These will take the format of a formal meeting with an agenda. Topics may be brought forward for discussion by members or in response to enquiries via social media.  These meetings may be used to discuss various topics and result in actions for members of the group.

Specific Topic Drop-in

Where a specific topic is required to talk about in depth a special meeting may be called to deal with this single issue, such as a major planning application, etc.  The members of the group would work to facilitate this drop-in, that would be in turn open to members of the public. This has the option of being either a meeting format or a drop-in consultation format. 

Northstowe Community Forum

The Community Connections Group will not normally meet in a month when the Forum is running.

  1. Group members may be assigned specific roles or responsibilities within the group with the member’s agreement.
  2. The Group to be facilitated by a designated South Cambridgeshire officer.
  3. Formal external communications about the Group and members of the public shall be through South Cambridgeshire District Council. This does not stop members from discussing what was said in an informal capacity unless advised otherwise.
  4. These Terms of Reference will be reviewed as required - at least annually.

Aims of the Group

  1. The Group will engage with local parish, district and county councils, looking in detail at and commenting on planning applications, building and open space design (for example, community facilities, sports and young people’s facilities, public realm) as necessary and relevant in order to provide a ‘community’ perspective.
  2. The group will facilitate communication between the different social groups forming in Northstowe
  3. The group will act as a forum for engagement in the planning process in a different style to the formal forum, by allowing group members to facilitate drop-in sessions for members of the public to view, and comment on plans.
  4. The group will act as a forum so that the different constituted community groups in Northstowe can coordinate their activities, alongside the activities the councils and projects such as Living Sport’s Active New Communities.

 2) An initial look at the types of events and possible uses of the Phase 1 Community Building 

A community building is to be built in Northstowe Phase 1. South Cambridgeshire District Council is interested in finding out what kind of events the community would like to run, to help inform our understanding of how the building might be used. 

Please note: At the request of the Northstowe community this consultation is happening earlier in the process than usual. As such South Cambridgeshire District Council is unable to make any firm commitments about this building at this time.

3) Any other business

Going forward this meeting will absorb some other organising meetings that occur.  We will discuss whether to role these together.

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