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South Cambridgeshire Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership

The South Cambridgeshire Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) includes the District Council, County Council, Police, Fire and Rescue Service, NHS and Probation Service, who work together to deal with local crime and anti-social behaviour issues. 

Partners meet on a monthly basis to agree action on local priorities and to share information on individuals causing anti social behaviour and/or committing crime in the District to ensure co-ordinated action. 

The CDRP priorities document outlines the priorities for the period of 2018-2019.

Further information related to the reporting of anti-social behaviour is also available.

You can find out about levels of crime in the District by viewing the county Crime and Community Safety Atlas or

The latest CDRP Strategic Assessment produced by the County Council, was used to identify strategic topics and themes for the current action plan.

If you need more details relating to policing where you live visit the Find My Police Team pages.

September / October 2018 survey

A new survey has been published, available to complete here, that is part of a piece of work that has been going on in South Cambridgeshire through the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership to explore the views and experiences of perceived minority groups in the district.

The premise of the survey is to find out about hate crime, discrimination and harassment experienced among the LGBT+ community of people that live and work in South Cambridgeshire.  

The aim is to better understand what is going on in these communities whose voices are sometimes not well heard and then, where possible, to take action to engage with those communities, encourage reporting of hate crime and improve awareness in the wider community.

The survey is available to view and complete here.

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