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South Cambridgeshire Community Safety Partnership

For the South Cambridgeshire Community Safety Partnership (CSP) we work with the Cambridgeshire County Council, Police, Fire and Rescue Service and the NHS and Probation Service, who work together to deal with local crime and anti-social behaviour issues. 

Partners meet on a monthly basis to agree action on local priorities and to share information on individuals engaging in anti-social behaviour and/or committing crime in the District to ensure co-ordinated action.

Services across the public and voluntary sector, as well as community groups, work with the CSP to reduce local issues of crime and disorder and the CSP can also apply for the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Safer Communities Fund. The fund can provide additional tools for work being undertaken with the CSP, and examples of funding include local initiatives to reduce anti-social behaviour, days of action within specific community locations, and tackling fly tipping. This fund is open to bids of up to £5,000, however, the awarded funding must be used within 12 weeks. Applications can only be made by the CSP so please contact us by emailing

Further information related to the reporting of anti-social behaviour is also available.

You can find out about levels of crime in the District by viewing the county Crime and Community Safety Atlas or on the police website

The 2021/2022 CSP Strategic Assessment [PDF, 8MB] produced by Cambridgeshire County Council was used to identify strategic topics and themes for the current action plan.

If you need more details relating to policing where you live visit the Find My Police Team pages.

Our Plan

Community Safety Plan 2022-23 [PDF, 0.6MB]