Zero carbon strategy and action plan

Zero carbon strategy and action plan

Our Zero Carbon Strategy [PDF, 5.5MB] was adopted on 21 May 2020. It outlines how we are supporting the district to halve carbon emissions by 2030 and reduce them to zero by 2050, including delivering a reduction in our own carbon footprint of at least 45% by 2025, (on a 2019 baseline), and at least 75% by 2030.

Our Business Plan 2019 to 2024, agreed by Full Council in February 2019, includes a broad and far-reaching programme consisting of 14 high level actions on zero carbon. These are listed below.

Full details of our Zero Carbon and Doubling Nature action plan, including 6 monthly progress updates, can be found in reports to our Climate and Environment Advisory Committee.

We will cut the Council’s own carbon footprint

  1. We will undertake a programme of energy efficiency improvements and install renewable energy technologies at our offices
  2. We will explore replacing our vehicles including bin lorries with low or zero carbon vehicles

We will help cut the carbon footprint from transport

This accounts for around 50% of emissions from the district.

  1. We will improve walking, cycling and public transport links between existing villages and employment sites
  2. We will make sure homes and jobs are close together or can be accessed by good walking, cycling and public transport links
  3. We will look into how electric vehicle charging points can be delivered in the district
  4. We will review our taxi licensing policies to encourage taxi operators to switch to electric vehicles
  5. We will influence the planning and delivery of new major transport routes such as the proposed East West rail line to ensure that they are planned to deliver net benefits to the environment

We will help cut the carbon footprint from homes

This accounts for around 20% of carbon emissions from the district.

  1. We will develop planning guidance to help cut carbon emissions from new homes
  2. We will improve existing Council housing to reduce carbon emissions and running costs

We will help cut the carbon footprint from businesses

This accounts for around 30% of carbon emissions from the district.

  1. We will provide businesses with information and advice on generating their own energy and improving their energy efficiency
  2. We will provide a brokerage service to help businesses invest in renewable technologies

We will support our local communities to make the transition to zero carbon

  1. We will upgrade the 1,800 street lights we own to reduce the electricity they use (and deliver savings to parish councils who pay the electricity bills)
  2. We will provide communities with grants and advice on carbon-cutting projects

We will support tree planting to take up carbon emissions

  1. We will identify sites and opportunities for tree-planting (and habitat creation) to offset the environmental impact of developments in the district

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