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How to look up a Tree Works Application or Notification

First, go to the Council website,, and click on the Planning icon.

The homepage with Planning circled

Next, select 'View or comment on a planning application'.

Planning homepage with the planning application icon circled

The planning application page

The search function is really powerful – as long as you know the way to search!

The planning application search engine

All planning applications are in the same format.


Planning applications will always start with S/. Next comes the four-digit reference number, followed by the last two digits of the year. The final two letters are the type of application. Tree Planning Orders are ‘TP’ and Tree Conservation work is ‘TC’. If you’re not sure if you need TP or TC, you can write ‘T*’ and the system will find all TP and TC records. You can also search for keywords, postcodes, or single lines of addresses.

When you get to the results, you can select their titles to learn more about each application.

Sometimes you might find that your search returned too many results. Try narrowing down the location, and be aware we might register a tree location under a slightly different address.