How to request a new Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

You can request a new TPO assessment on a tree or woodland by completing our online form.

TPOs protect individual trees or groups of trees which are considered to be important to a local area. They may make an area visually more attractive or may be of historical significance. The order may cover anything from a single tree to woodlands. Hedgerow trees can be protected, but not hedges, bushes or shrubs. TPOs can’t be used to protect every tree in a neighbourhood nor stop approved building development or infrastructure improvements.

Currently the Council are only issuing new TPOs on trees which are at risk. We are unable to issue precautionary TPOs. If you're concerned about the retention of a tree or group of trees, please check if the tree(s) are already:

  • Protected via a conservation area
  • Protected by a TPO, or
  • Part of a planning application.

You can carry out the above checks by using our interactive map.

For woodlands or large groups please check the Forestry Commissions website for trees covered with a felling licence.

If you still think that the tree(s) are at risk and they do not have statutory protection you can request that the trees are assessed for a TPO. We will need the following information:

  • The precise location of the tree(s) and the address or location they stand in
  • Identification of what they are
  • An indication of where the trees can be seen from with photographic evidence
  • Why is the tree(s) threatened or what is the risk?
  • Information as to why the tree(s) need protecting and why they are special to the neighbourhood or community.

What happens once the form has been submitted?

The request will be evaluated by considering the threat or risk to the tree(s) and also:

  • Health, structural condition and longevity
  • Public visibility
  • Individual impact (local importance and other factors)
  • Wider impact
  • Expediency (current management of the tree and possible threats to the tree).

All new requests for TPOs could take up to 12 weeks to be considered by the LPA depending on the likelihood of tree(s) works taking place and the amenity value of the tree(s). Even where a tree is assessed as being worthy of preservation, an order will not automatically be made if there is no obvious threat to the tree’s well-being. The LPA will to inform you of its decision once it has undertaken an assessment using its TPO assessment method.

If worthy of preservation, the TPO will be served on the land owner and other interested parties. The tree(s) have provisional protection from this point. After a 28-day consultation period in which interested parties have the opportunity to object to or support the protection of the tree, the authority will consider whether to confirm the order. You will be able to make representations supporting the Order during the consultation period.

Anonymous requests

It is essential to provide accurate information about the tree(s) location along with your contact details in order for us to be able to follow up on your request.

Anonymous requests will not normally be assessed.

We are not reviewing existing TPOs at this time.

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