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Simple Energy Advice

Simple Energy Advice logoYou can find out how to improve the energy efficiency and heating in your home from Simple Energy Advice which offers Government-endorsed advice. Visit the website to check what energy efficiency or low carbon heating improvements may be best suited to your home. 

Open Eco Homes

A long-running project from Cambridge Carbon Footprint which gives local, independent and free, (although donations are always very welcome) advice. As well as tours, the project includes workshops to help build retrofitting skills and knowledge. Case studies, including details of local suppliers and upcoming tours are available on their website.

Ecofurb Low Carbon Home Service

This end-to-end home renovation service helps homeowners plan energy efficiency improvements, give impartial advice and oversee the works. Find out more and check out their free online Plan Builder on the Ecofurb website. 

Free Energy Efficiency Advice

If you’re planning building work, our Building Control team 3CBC can meet you in the early stages of your project to offer free advice on energy efficiencies that could be made as part of that work.

A qualified Building Control surveyor can assess your proposed scheme, recommend improvements to help you save money and increase energy efficiency. Getting this advice early on in your project can be more cost effective than retrofitting. Additionally, the team can use thermal imaging to assess your home and make recommendations to improve thermal efficiency. For more information please contact the team by emailing buildingcontrol@3csharedservices.org or calling them on 0300 7729622.

Local Energy Advice Partnership

Local Energy Advice Partnership logoThe Council has also partnered with LEAP (the Local Energy Advice Partnership), which offers a free energy advice service for our residents, and can also provide things like free LED bulbs and draught proofing; help to understand tariffs; referrals for funding for improvements and more.

I need to know more about energy efficiency technologies

If you would like to read more about the sort of improvements you can make to your home to make it more energy efficient and save money, you could read our case studies. There's one for each type of technology, from Ground Source Heat Pumps to Solar Thermal Heating

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