Aids and Adaptations to your home

Do you need some adaptations to make your home life easier? All works need to have an Occupational Therapist’s (OT’s) referral and you can request one through Cambridgeshire County Council by emailing or calling 03450 455 202. An OT will carry out the assessment over the phone or if necessary by visiting you.  Some referrals will be passed across to the OT at South Cambs District Council to complete the assessment.

If you are a leaseholder, your adaptations will usually be dealt with by the Cambs Home Improvement Agency, although you will still need to have an OT’s adaptation recommendation through the avenues above.

An OT may visit you at your property to complete an assessment and may provide advice, equipment and adaptation recommendations. The OT will send adaptation recommendations to our Aids and Adaptations Project Manager who will then arrange the work.

Equipment that an OT can directly order includes:

• Shower boards

• Toilet frames

• Bed rails

Minor works adaptations, (recommended by an OT) include:

• Grab rails

• Half step

Major adaptations (recommended by an OT) can include:

• Over bath shower

• Doorway widening.

Major Adaptations- we always discuss the option to move you to a more suitable property before carrying out major adaptations.

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