Keeping Dangerous Wild Animals

Do I need a licence?

Yes - Any person keeping a dangerous wild animals is required to hold a licence from the Local Authority. The schedule of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 (from DEFRA) lists animals which are considered dangerous.


Animals kept at a zoo (see Zoo Licensing), circus, pet shop or scientific laboratory.

Licence Conditions

  • The annual licence can only be issued after an inspection by the Council's retained veterinary officer and must state which animal it relates to and where the animal will normally be kept and number to be permitted.
  • The licence cannot be issued if it would be unsafe to the public, the applicant is not a suitable person and conditions are not suitable and secure.
  • Conditions also relate to fire, infections etc & insurance.


The fees is £90.00 (plus relevant vet fees).

How to apply

Contact our Health and Environmental Services team.

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