Assets of Community Value

What is an Asset of Community Value?

A building or other land is an asset of community value if its main use has recently been or is presently used to further the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community and could do so in the future.  Examples could include:

  • Nurseries and schools, health centres, surgeries and hospitals, day care centres
  • Parks and open green spaces, sports and leisure centres, libraries/theatres/museums or heritage sites 
  • Community centres, youth centres, public toilets 
  • Village shops and pubs - which also provide an important local social benefit which would no longer be easily available if that service should cease

The Council has produced a protocol detailing the SCDC approach to the Community Right to Bid - Assets of Community Value.  This includes sections about:

  • who can nominate
  • what qualifies as an ACV
  • the asset register
  • relevant disposal
  • moratorium ("window of opportunity")
  • receiving and assessing a nomination for an ACV
  • listing review
  • compensation
  • enforcement

 PDF icon acv_protocol_jan_2016.pdf can be downloaded here.

The SCDC Community Asset Register
The tables below show details of assets nominated, decisions reached, decisions under review and open moratoria.



What is the Community Right to Bid?
The Community Right to Bid allows communities and parish councils to nominate buildings or land for listing by the local authority as an Asset of Community Value. An asset can be listed if its principal use furthers (or has recently furthered) their community’s social well-being or social interests (which include cultural, sporting or recreational interests) and is likely to do so in the future. When a listed asset comes to be sold, a moratorium on the sale (of up to six months) may be invoked, providing local community groups with a better chance to raise finance, develop a business plan and to make a bid to buy the asset on the open market. Please see the Council's Corporate Plan for details of the objectives we aim to fulfil in deciding whether to list a nominated asset.


Black and White Facts about Grey Areas
Watch our FileVideo explaning Assets of Community Value: what qualifies and how the process works and our new Filevideo explaining Assets of Community Value in a bit more detail.

Asset Nomination Form
Asset Nomination Form
A community wishing to nominate an asset of community value for the register must first contact or call 01954 703070 and ask for a call back from one of our patch-based Development Officers. They will talk you through the requirements for a nomination and the process that must be followed. They will also arrange for the nomination form and other useful information to be sent to you, along with instructions for where to send the completed form.

Intention to Bid Form
A community wishing to be treated as a bidder for an asset that has come up for sale should notify the Council in writing using this form:  Microsoft Office document iconIntention to Bid Form

New Planning Rules for ACV listed pubs
New rules surrounding the conversion of pubs to other uses came into force on 6 April 2015. These are detailed in the ACV protocol on this page. Please also see the following link to the Town and Country Planning Use Class guidance:

News & Events
From time to time we run Community Pubs events to provide information and updates on:

  • the changes in legislation affecting pubs listed as Assets of Community Value
  • the help that the council can give through reductions in business rates
  • free broadband connection vouchers for pub businesses
  • how to utilise social media to market your pub.

Visit the following links for further information about:

Decisions and appeals
Owners of listed assets can ask the Council to review the inclusion of an asset on the list. The Listing Review process can be viewed here:
CRtB Internal Review Procedure [PDF, 510kB]  If this review upholds the listing an appeal to an independent body, called a First Tier Tribunal can be pursued by the Owner.  

Resources and Support
Locality is the DCLG's advice and guidance arm in relation to the Localism Act.  Their website details the funding and support available to communities wanting to take forward any of the new communities rights: 
Another useful website is: where there is information and case studies pertaining to Community Rights.

More than a pub: The Community Pub Business Support Programme is a  two year programme established to help support community ownership of pubs in England. Its value is £3.62 million and is jointly funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government and Power to Change. 

Led by the Plunkett Foundation, and delivered in collaboration with Co-operative & Community Finance, the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), Co-operative Mutual Solutions, Pub is the Hub and Locality, this programme will  will offer the community pub sector access to an end-to-end support programme including capacity building and a finance package made up of loans and grants. See 

The Community Business Bright Ideas Fund can offer tailored support and funding of up to £20,000 to groups who want to progress their ideas for a community business such as plans to utilise an Asset of Community Value. For more information about this £1.85 million fund, see

Nominations currently under consideration

The White Horse Inn, Swavesey

Decisions under review and open moratoria 
The following moratoria and protected periods apply.  For further details about any of the following ACVs, please see the ACV protocol on this page or contact

  • Dry Drayton - The Black Horse public house has entered the protected period, ending on 6 September 2018.  Until this date, the owner may sell on the open market and no further moratoria may apply. 
  • Harston - The Pemberton Arms has been removed from the asset register following a relevant disposal in the protected period. As a class A4 Drinking Establishment, the owner's permitted development rights in respect of this property are removed until 04 December 2020. For further details please see the ACV Protocol on this page or contact

Outcome of Internal Reviews

2016/001 The Foxton Post Office and Stores. The internal review upheld the listing of Foxton Post Office and Stores although the area listed was reduced to cover only the extent of the post office, shop and delivery area. PDF iconacv_internal_review_decision_foxton_post_office_and_stores.pdf Decision published 15/06/16.

2016/002 The Queen's Head, Fowlmere. The internal review decision was to remove the Queen's Head from the list of assets of community value.PDF iconacv_review_decision_notice_the_queens_head_fowlmere.pdf Decision published 17/05/16.

2015/011 The Pemberton Arms Public House (Harston). The internal review upheld the listing. PDF icondecision_notice_11.03.16.pdf

2014/017 The Three Tuns Guilden Morden.  The internal review upheld the listing. Decision Notice 03.02.15 [PDF, 252kB]

2013/004 Scout Campsite (Little Abington). The internal review upheld the listing. Decision Notice 12.6.13

2013/011 Hauxton Mill Island (Hauxton). The internal review panel, in view of the site falling within one of the exceptions to land which can be listed, found the land could not be listed at this time. Therefore this land was removed from the list of Assets of Community Value.  Bridgemere (owner) submission          Decision Notice 14.11.13         





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