Community governance review for Thriplow

Why undertake a review?

Thriplow Parish Council is made up of two parish wards, Thriplow village ward and Heathfield ward which each have their own characteristics and are geographically separate. The Parish Council is keen to ensure that all residents feel involved in the community and in local decision-making and are engaged with the work of the Parish Council. To this end, the Parish Council requested a Community Governance Review to:

  1. consider the number of parish councillors representing each parish ward, to more accurately reflect the numbers in the electorate of each parish ward and:
  2. consider changing the name of the parish to include both wards.

The community governance review aims to secure an arrangement which:

  • Reflects the identities and interest of the community in that area
  • Is effective and convenient
  • Takes into account any other arrangements for the purpose of community representation or community engagement.

It ought to result in arrangements which will bring about improved community engagement, better local democracy and result in more effective and convenient delivery of local services.

Consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. We will now review the submissions. Please refer to the review timetable below for timescales and information.

Please refer to the Terms of Reference.

The timetable for the review

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Date Stage of review
31 January Terms of reference published. Submissions invited - have your say
8 March Consultation closes
March to June Consideration of submissions received by the Civic Affairs Committee and recommendation prepared
June Recommendations of the Civic Affairs Committee published, concluding the review
September Council can make a Reorganisation of Community Governance Order


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