Previous consultations

Haslingfield Community Governance

Start: 9am Tuesday 15 March 2016 
End: 10:59pm Monday 13 June 2016 
A community governance review for the parish of Haslingfield was launched on 15 February 2016. Inviting proposals for alternative governance arrangements for this area, as the parish includes both the village of Haslingfield and part of the Trumpington Meadows development on the southern fringe of Cambridge. The Civic Affairs Committee in making their recommendation for future governance arrangements, upon which the council is currently consulting.

Greater Cambridge City Deal: Tackling Cambridge congestion

Start: 8am Monday 11 July 2016 
End: 10:59pm Monday 10 October 2016 

We would like to know what you think about the plan, how you think this might affect you or motivate you to change your mode of transport when travelling in Cambridge. While the combination of measures have been agreed, we are keen to hear any issues or concerns you may have about particular elements.

Healthy weight strategy

Start: 8am Monday 15 August 2016 
End: 10:59pm Friday 14 October 2016 

Communities and local organisations are being asked their views on a Strategy to reduce unhealthy weight locally. It calls for action to support children and adults achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Start: 8am Monday 5 September 2016 
End: 5pm Wednesday 2 November 2016 

The Council has received a joint application from Stapleford and Great Shelford Parish Council to designate their two parishes as a Neighbourhood Area with a view to developing a Neighbourhood Plan for this area. For more information on this please visit our website.

View Great Shelford and Stapleford Neighbourhood Area consultation.

Haslingfield community governance

Start: 8am Monday 15 August 2016 
End: 11:59pm Monday 14 November 2016
We are undertaking a community governance review of the parish of Haslingfield, as the new housing development at Trumpington Meadows is altering the geographical spread of housing across the parish. The Council's Civic Affairs Committee has recommended the creation of a new parish for that part of the Trumpington Meadows development lying within South Cambridgeshire district. To find out further information please take a look at our website.

Amendment to Phase 2 affordable housing plans

Start: 9am Friday 18 November 2016 
End: 11:59pm Friday 18 November 2016 

The Homes & Communities Agency has written to the Council with a revised proposal for the affordable housing planned for Phase 2 of the Northstowe development.

The Northstowe Joint Development Control Committee agreed in principle to 20% affordable housing for Northstowe Phase 2 in July 2015.   Officers agreed in October 2015 with the HCA that this should be at a 60%/40% split of affordable rent and low cost ownership.

Polling District Review Consultation

Start: 8:35am Monday 24 October 2016 
End: 12am Thursday 24 November 2016 

Both South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council have been through recent reviews of their electoral arrangements. This means that from May 2017 the County Council will have new Division boundaries, and from 2018 South Cambridgeshire District Council will have new Ward boundaries.

So we can run elections effectively for these new electoral areas, we now need to carry out an interim review of some of our polling districts. In particular, we are focussed on Fen Ditton, Whittlesford, Childerley and Haslingfield/Trumpington Meadows.

Have your say on priorities for Council services

Start: 9am Thursday 1 December 2016 
End: 11:59pm Friday 20 January 2017 

The Council’s Cabinet has agreed a draft plan setting out four priority areas from 2017 to 2022, and now wants to hear what local residents, parish councils and businesses think.

Community Governance review for Cambourne

Start: 12:01am Monday 6 February 2017 
End: 10:59pm Sunday 2 April 2017 

Following an approach from Cambourne Parish Council, the Council are consulting on the option of increasing the parish council size from 13 to 19.

Community Governance Review of Willingham and Over parish boundary

Start: 12:01am Tuesday 21 February 2017
End: 10:59pm Wednesday 17 May 2017 

Following the receipt of a petition, the Council are consulting on the options to alter the boundary between Willingham and Over parishes.

Community Governance Review of Caxton, Elsworth and Cambourne Parishes

Start: 8am Saturday 29 April 2017 
End: 10:59pm Sunday 30 July 2017 

Thank you for your responses. This review is now closed, and responses are being reviewed.

The community governance review for Caxton, Elsworth and Cambourne Parishes aims to secure an arrangement which

  • Reflects the identifies and interests of the community in that area
  • Is effective and convenient
  • Takes into account any other arrangements for the purpose of community representation or community engagement

Neighbourhood Planning Guidance

Start: 11am Monday 18 September 2017 
End: 11:59pm Monday 30 October 2017 

We are undertaking a consultation on draft guidance designed to help local communities decide whether they want to prepare a neighbourhood plan and if they do how to go about it.  Neighbourhood plans are a community-led initiative giving local communities power to prepare a part of the development plan for their parish or group of parishes. As neighbourhood plans carry substantial weight in planning decision making, there are certain steps that must be followed during their preparation. Draft guidance has been prepared to assist local communities and guide them through each stage.

Council Tax Support Scheme Changes

Start: 4pm Tuesday 10 October 2017 
End: 5pm Tuesday 7 November 2017 

We're proposing some changes to our Council Tax support scheme that helps people pay their Council Tax if they're on low incomes. The changes will bring our scheme into line with changes made to Housing Benefit  and Universal Credit and should ensure we continue to provide a fair and equitable scheme for all claimants.

Consultation on new taxi licensing policy and conditions

Start: 12:01am Wednesday 1 November 2017 
End: 11:59pm Friday 5 January 2018 

We are proposing to introduce a licensing policy and conditions that will apply to all Private Hire and Hackney Carriage drivers, vehicle proprietors and operators holding or wishing to obtain a licence.

The new policy proposes to adopt a stringent standard for new and existing licence holders.

Public Consultation: Foxton Conservation Area

Start: 9am Friday 15 December 2017 
End: 11:59pm Friday 9 February 2018 

The views of the community and stakeholders are sought on the proposed extension of the Foxton Conservation Area and the Foxton Conservation Area Appraisal, prepared by Foxton Parish Council working in close collaboration with South Cambridgeshire District Council.

Foxton Conservation Area is currently very small and does not include all the areas within Foxton which have special architectural and historic interest.

Start: 9am Friday 5 January 2018 
End: 5pm Friday 16 February 2018 

The Councils are seeking your views on Main Modifications to the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan and Cambridge Local Plan. The Inspectors examining the Local Plans have identified Main Modifications that they consider may be necessary in order for the Local Plans to be found ‘sound’. At the same time, the Councils have published some Additional (minor) Modifications, such as typographical errors and factual updates.

Start: 9am Monday 5 March 2018 
End: 4pm Monday 16 April 2018

Great Abington Parish Council submitted its Neighbourhood Plan for the former Land Settlement Association (LSA) estate to SCDC on 22 February 2018. SCDC has confirmed that the Neighbourhood Plan complies with all the relevant statutory requirements, and is now seeking your views on the Neighbourhood Plan before it is considered by an examiner, and can proceed towards a referendum. Comments can be submitted to SCDC between 9am on Monday 5 March and 5pm on Monday 16 April 2018, by email, post or using the online consultation system.

Community Governance Review for Barrington Parish

June 2018: A request was received from Barrington Parish Council to increase the number of Parish Council seats from 9 to 13 due to growth in the Parish. 

The consultation is now closed. Comments are currently being reviewed.

Community Governance Review for Milton Parish

June 2018: A request was received from Milton Parish Council to decrease the number of Parish Council seats from 15 to 12.

This consultation is now closed. Comments are currently being reviewed.

Waterbeach New Town SPD

There was a consultation carried out on the Waterbeach New Town SPD. The deadline for comments was the 28 October 2018.

For all the details see the Waterbeach Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

Consultation on proposed changes to Council Tax Support

Our Council Tax support scheme helps people on low income by reducing the amount of Council Tax they have to pay.

We are looking to change the scheme so that residents who receive Council Tax support can be more certain as to the amount of Council Tax they need to pay and reduce the number of times we alter the amount of Council Tax support.

Comments were received by Friday 9 November 2018. These comments are being reviewed and the outcome will be published once a decision has been made. 

Proposals to increase Council tax on empty homes

You may be aware that the government recently announced that they intended to give local authorities powers to charge higher council tax premiums on homes that have been left empty for more than two years.

In the coming months, Councillors will be asked to decide if they wish to implement the higher charges. If you wish to provide any feedback on this to aid the decision, please complete this survey.

Comments were received by 30 November 2018. These comments are being reviewed and the outcome will be published once a decision has been made. 

Business Plan 2019 to 2024

We are currently working on our business plan for 2019-24 to set the priorities we will focus on for our communities and businesses.

We have published the areas we believe should be our focus and now want to gather feedback before the full plan is finalised.

Councillors will consider feedback and the full plan at the end of February.

Our survey is now closed and we are reviewing your feedback as part of producing our final Business Plan.

Draft Greater Cambridge housing strategy

We are currently working with Cambridge City Council on a draft housing strategy for the Greater Cambridge area for the next five years.

The draft document details how the two Councils will aim to meet housing challenges for the next five years. It is a collaborative document to reflect the linked economy and housing market across the areas.

A public consultation was held until Friday 25 January 2019 to help residents have their say, provide them with the opportunity to shape and influence the draft strategy before it is finalised next year.

The consultation is now closed, all your comments are being reviewed. Once we have reviewed these comments we will publish the outcome of this consultation.

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