Week one

Recommended reading

Take a moment to read our profile pieces on Lily Parr and Fanny & Stella (Ernest Boulton and Frederick Park).

Watch whenever

Samy Nour Younes' TedTalk: A short history of trans people's long fight for equality

Nour Younes is an activist who has served on local Transmasculine Society and Baltimore Transgender Alliance leadership teams in the United States, has worked to organise rallies, has lead panels on the barriers Trans people face in accessing healthcare, and has participated in advertising campaigns promoting awareness of LGBTQ+ issues. 

Film: The Boys in the Band

A cinematic retelling of the 1968 play of the same name by Mart Crowley, The Boys in the Band centers on one evening in the life of a group of gay friends, focusing on their loves both past and present and their own struggles with acceptance within society and of themselves. Available on Netflix UK. Please note that this film contains adult themes and strong language. 

TV series: Tales of the City

A drama miniseries based on the novels by Armistead Maupin about the lives of those living in 28 Barbary Lane; a boarding-house turned apartment complex. Available on Netflix UK. Please note this series contains references to drugs and sexual content.

Live event

Webinar: From the Mollyhouse to Parliament: A Brief History of LGBTQ+ Rights in the UK by Morgan Page. Wednesday 3 February, 1pm to 2pm. The recording of this event is not available.

Morgan M Page, host of the Trans history podcast: One From the Vaults, offers an overview of LGBTQ+ rights in the UK in the modern period. Tracing a history back to the earliest written records of LGBTQ+ people in the English language through to Section 28 and the Gender Recognition Act, Page will outline key moments of progress and setback in the fight for LGBTQ+ liberation.

Charity of the week... The Pink Festival Group

Formally established in 2015, The Pink Festival Group has been responsible for different events within the LGBTQ+ community in Cambridgeshire for years. Starting in 2005 the group was tasked with organising the Pink Picnic at Cherry Hinton Hall. Following the success of the picnic the group grew and continued to organise more events and has since evolved to create Cambridge Pride, Cambridgeshire's foremost LGBTQ+ event of the year.

According to The Pink Festival Group and data from the Office for National Statistics in 2017, Cambridgeshire has the second largest LGBTQ+ community in the UK (1.7%), after London (3.1%), showing the diverse makeup of the region.


We are working with Encompass to welcome voices from within the LGBTQ+ community. Please note that, as with any external speakers, there may be some opinions expressed that are not necessarily held by the Council.

The Pink Festival Group is committed to celebrating the diverse nature of LGBTQ+ communities through their events. The aim of the events and the group is to celebrate, inspire and involve. The events offer safe spaces, providing information and support but also celebrating diversity and encouraging entertainment, art and culture. The group aims to raise awareness and acceptance, challenging stereotypes throughout the year, and hopes to leave a lasting legacy. 

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