Customer service standards

Putting service first

If you 'phone us we will:

  • resolve your enquiry as quickly as possible
  • provide Voicemail if the person you need is unavailable
  • answer your 'phone message within three working days

If you write to us we will reply to your letter or email within 10 working days

If we write to you we will:

  • write in plain language
  • arrange for translation, large type, braille or audio tapes upon request

If we visit you we will:

  • carry identification that you can check with a phone call to our contact service on 03450 450500
  • arrive at the time we say we will, or give you as much notice as possible if we have to change the time

If we get it wrong we will:

  • apologise if we have made a mistake or failed to meet our standards;
  • acknowledge your written complaint within 3 working days
  • reply in full to your complaint within 10 working days

Tell us how we're doing

We're proud of what we are trying to achieve and recognise we can always do better. To help improve our services, we need your feedback. Whether it's a compliment, a general comment or a complaint, we want to hear from you: go to our Customer feedback page to find out more.

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