Elections 2020

District Council Vacancies

A vacancy for a Councillor exists in the Melbourn Ward. Notice of vacancy. [PDF, 0.1MB]

A vacancy for a Councillor exists in the Harston and Comberton Ward. Notice of vacancy.  [PDF, 0.1MB]

Waterbeach Parish Council by-election

An election has been requested for the recent vacancy on Waterbeach Parish Council. In accordance with the Coronavirus Act this will be held on 6 May 2021. If the government changes the law we will update here as soon as we know more.

District Ward and Duxford County Division Vacancies 

The by-election for Whittlesford District Ward and Duxford County Division took place on 27 February 2020. Please see the Declaration of Results [PDF, 0.1MB]for further details.

Cottenham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The Counting Officer for South Cambridgeshire District Council has decided that the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum for Cottenham, scheduled to take place on Thursday 26 March 2020, should be suspended until further notice.

The current and rapidly escalating situation with respect to the Covid-19 virus means that running the poll next Thursday would present a significant public health risk to staff and voters, and would put voters in a position where they would need to risk their health in choosing to exercise their right to vote.

The government are in the process of passing legislation which will force the suspension of all polls, including those midway through their timetables. We have been informed that this legislation is unlikely to receive Royal Assent soon enough to take effect before 26 March.

In light of this, the government has issued a statement making it clear that the suspension of polls underway would be “both reasonable and consistent with the national position”. Furthermore, the government have made it clear that they will be lending their full support to “Returning Officers and others running polls” who make the decision to suspend their polls.

The Counting Officer will move forward with a new date for the referendum when it is safe to do so, and when government guidance permits. 

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