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Afro Fitness by Cambridge African Network woman dancing

Every Sunday, from 3pm to 4pm, Cambridge African Network runs free Afro fitness sessions on Zoom.

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Evening Nubian dance session with Sue Baker

This event was held on Thursday 15 October, 5pm to 6pm 

"Although the majority of Nubia is now under Lake Nassar, the spirit and culture of the Nubian people live on through their music and dance. Nubia was a region that covered Upper Egypt (in the south) and Northern Sudan. The Dance has a subtle East African feel to it. With this session learn some basic Nubian moves and see how they are used in contemporary Egyptian Dance". An example

Nubia and the Noba people article -

Harold Offeh and Kettle's Yard in conversation

This event was held on Thursday 22 October, 12 noon. 

Harold Offeh is an artist working in a range of media including performance, video, photography, learning and social arts practice. Offeh will be exhibiting as part of 'Untitled: Art on the Conditions of Our Time' a major group exhibition of British artists of African descent at Kettle's Yard in Cambridge, opening 16 January 2021. In this webinar, Harold Offeh will be in conversation with a member of the programme team from Kettle's Yard talking about his recent projects in the local area, and what you can expect to see in the upcoming exhibition at Kettle's Yard.

Living in Cambridge and working across the UK and internationally, Offeh is interested in the space created by the inhabiting of histories and frequently used humour as a means to explore these.

Read about and contribute to Harold's Bold Tendencies Project here

Prominent and ordinary black people from Victorian Britain by Carol Leonardi 

This event was held on Wednesday 28 October from 12.30pm to 1.30pm 

Dr Carol Brown-Leonardi works at the Open University. Since 2000 Dr Brown-Leonardi has carried out long-term fieldwork and research projects on political discourse and non-renewable resources in the Mackenzie Valley, Canada and research on reindeer racing and training race reindeer in Northern Finland. Her current research investigates how Britain’s exit from the European Union has affected the perceptions and decision-making of mixed nationality couples (British and Finnish) to stay and live permanently in Finland or the United Kingdom. Her most recent work focuses on the Windrush deportee’s experience following the hostile environment policy to understand the levels of inclusion and exclusion experienced in both British and Caribbean society.

Additional events hosted by The Cambridge African Network throughout October

Black History Month Zoom Party hosted by Mixdat

Black History Month Zoom Party poster.

This event was held every Saturday 8pm to 10pm throughout October.

Playing the best in Soul, RnB, Hip-hop, Afrobeat and Reggae. Every Saturday evening. 

CB1 and Beyond 

This radio show was held every Tuesday at 6pm throughout October

Cambridge 105 Radio hosted a weekly show called 'CB1 and Beyond' where Luke Anthony interviews members of The Cambridge African Network Community. 

Listen Live and On Demand at Cambridge 105 Radio.

An Introduction to CB Mentoring 

Held on Thursday 22 October, 6pm.

More information about CB Mentoring can be found on Cambridgeshire Live

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