Wildlife Enhancement Scheme

What is the scheme set up to support?

Financial assistance may be offered to support special activities that conserve, enhance, restore or create habitats or features that sustain our biodiversity. Examples might include the creation of a wildlife pond, site interpretation, erecting bat and bird boxes, one-off habitat management (e.g. starting off a meadow management or creation project) or funding specialist surveys that lead onto further project delivery work.

The scheme is no longer a grant giving initiative but will continue to have partnership working at it’s core. It has been re-focussed as a project fund that is in place to facilitate wildlife conservation in a broad sense.

Who can apply?

Eligibility for support by the Council will be decided by the Ecology Officer and the Conservation and Design Manager. The Wildlife Enhancement Scheme exists primarily to support parish councils, conservation bodies and community groups. Profit-making bodies will not normally be eligible unless the biodiversity interest is separate from the business aspect or if there is a special case (such as enhancing farmland). Private individuals may be eligible for support and should discuss any projects with the Ecology Officer in the first instance.

Community orchard projects and tree & hedge schemes will be funded through the existing Community Chest Grants scheme.

When can I apply?

Partnership projects can be considered at any time of year as support is offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

How much can be applied for?

The level of financial support offered will be decided by the Ecology Officer and the Conservation and Design Manager depending on the beneficial outcome of a specific project and resources available. It may be possible to fully support some schemes (i.e. provide 100% funding).

It is unlikely that grants of over £100 will be offered to private individuals where there is no direct benefit to the public unless significant funding has already been secured.

At times it has been possible to provide support greater than £2500. Please discuss the level of funding with the Ecology Officer in the first instance. Preference to funding support will be given to those projects with the greatest beneficial support to wildlife and communities.

What information do I need to supply?

Before submitting any project for support by the Council you should discuss your project with the Ecology Officer to check your eligibility. There is no specific application form to complete. However, through discussion with the Ecology Officer you are likely to be asked to provide the following:

  • A site location map
  • A concise project outline including a method statement for the project’s delivery
  • Details of wildlife and community benefits
  • Details of materials suppliers and/or service providers, with at least two written competitive quotes (unless waived at the discretion of the Ecology Officer)
  • Details of any funding already secured
  • Details of all project costs
  • Details of man-hour input to the project’s delivery
  • Landowner consent
  • A management plan or statement to ensure proper management post project completion
  • A means of project monitoring
  • Letters or emails of support
  • Details of consents or permissions already obtained, or those that need to be secured
  • Certificates of competency and/or insurance

Will support for a partnership project be subject to conditions?

Yes, we will seek to control how you use any financial contribution offered in order to ensure that it is put to effective use. Specific conditions will be included in a formal offer letter. Conditions are likely to cover the following areas:

  • Publicity and photo opportunities
  • Informing the Conservation & Design service when the activity has been started and completed (to enable inspections or to meet with contractors)
  • Allowing inspection of the site or feature by Officers, Council Members and the public by prior arrangement
  • Appropriate monitoring
  • That the work is completed within a year of a formal offer letter
  • That any financial contribution shall be returned where it has been inappropriately used
  • That payment is made on the production of final invoices from the selected contractor / supplier
  • Failure to comply with conditions may warrant return of any financial contribution offered

What is not eligible?

  • Retrospective applications (i.e. work carried out before you receive a formal offer letter)
  • Routine maintenance costs
  • Core funding of expenses for community or wildlife groups
  • Work that is a statutory requirement, such as footpath clearance
  • Projects and initiatives that do not fit in with the objectives of the Cambridgeshire Biodiversity Action Plan

What types of projects has the Council supported in the past?

  • Orchard planting, New Malton Golf Club
  • Water vole conservation, River Mel Restoration Group
  • Veteran willow pollarding, Chittering
  • River improvement, Friends of the River Shep
  • Access improvements, RSPB Fowlmere
  • Wildlife area, Oakington Primary School

Other organisations providing funding

  • Cambridge Community Foundation
  • Big Lottery Fund - Community Wildlife
  • SITA Trust - Enriching Nature Programme
  • Biffaward - Small Grants
  • Veolia Trust
  • Natural England - Higher Level Funding


Rob Mungovan

Ecology Officer


 Telephone: 01954 713402 (direct dial) / 03450 450 500 (contact centre)

Fax: 01954 713152

Conservation and Design Service

South Cambridgeshire Hall

Cambourne Business Park



CB23 6EA

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