Waterbeach New Town Naming

Name Waterbeach New Town Naming
Description The construction of Waterbeach New Town is now underway. Before the first new homes are completed, it is essential to resolve the name of the new development and an approach to naming all the places that will emerge within it.
Start date 01/04/2021
Closing date 07/07/2021

There are two parts to this consultation and two related questionnaires:

  1. The first part relates to the entirety of the new settlement which has throughout the planning process, been called Waterbeach New Town. We are seeking to agree its permanent name.
  2. The second part relates to the naming of places within the new development, including the neighbourhoods, streets, public squares and parks. We are aiming to assemble a ‘bank’ of possible names and useful references to inform and guide the naming of places over the years ahead. The focus for this section is the former Airfield and Barracks part of the development, where construction is underway.

Learn more at the Waterbeach New Town Naming Consulation at the website.

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