An outline planning application has been submitted for up to 6,500 new homes and associated facilities situated on land to the north of the village Waterbeach. The applicant is Secretary of State for Defence and Urban & Civic Plc.

 The application is now live!

How do I comment?

The easiest way for you to view the plans and also to have your say is to visit our website and search for the planning application using the application reference number S/0559/17/OL.

If you do not have internet access, you can also view the plans at South Cambridgeshire Council offices between 9 am and 5 pm weekdays. Please look out on parish notice boards for details of how the Parish Council will make the plans available for viewing.

Any comments you make should be based on material planning considerations only and be sent in writing by email or letter and should be received by 10 April 2017. Please only include your name and full address in your correspondence. If this information is not included we will not be able to consider your comments. If you choose to comment by email, please send your comments as an attachment to the email. Your comments, including your name and address will be put on the file as a matter of public record and published on our website and because of this we cannot take into account comments that are marked “confidential”.

 What are the key documents?

 The key planning documents that you might find of interest are:

  • The planning and delivery statement
  • The design & access statement
  • The planning application guide (to be uploaded)
  • The parameter plan

 When and Where is the Planning Exhibition?

 To help explain the proposals and to give you a chance to talk to a planning officer if you have any queries, the Council is going to hold three planning exhibitions at St John’s Church Hall, Station Road, Waterbeach, CB25 9HL at the followings dates and times:

  • Saturday 18th March 10am – 2pm
  •  Thursday 23rd March 3pm – 8pm
  •  Wednesday 29th March 3pm - 8pm

 To help provide some context with the planning application, we thought it would be helpful to answer some questions.

Why is this planning application for up to 6,500 new homes when I’ve heard that a new town could be more than this?

This planning application covers part of the land that is proposed to be allocated for a new town in the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan which is currently being examined in public by the Planning Inspectorate. The site for the new town is being promoted by two developers; this application has been submitted by Urban&Civic who control the majority of the site.

Could a decision be made soon?

The Council does not anticipate being able to determine the planning application until there is a better understanding of a number of key issues including transport, utilities, and the potential timeline for construction of the site.

To achieve this, the Council has committed to doing further work with local communities on a ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ to set out principles and give more detail on how the whole of the new town should be planned and built. The Council will advertise opportunities to engage with the Supplementary Planning Document, and the document will be used to assess the planning application against.

Before the Council makes a decision on the planning application we need to know the outcome of the Local Plan examination and need to have the Supplementary Planning Document drafted. It is difficult to say exactly when this will be but we think that it is likely to be early in 2018.

There are a lot of documents, where should I start?

If you look at the planning application you will see that there are a lot of documents. I recommend that you start with the ‘Planning & Delivery Statement’ which gives an overview of the proposals, the ‘ES Non-Technical Summary’ which gives a summary of how the expected environmental impacts would be addressed, and the ‘Design & Access Statement’ which gives the applicant’s ideas on how the proposed development could be designed and what it might feel like as a place.






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