Equality impact assessments

As a local authority, South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) has a legal responsibility to ensure that its policies, procedures and functions do not adversely affect the different sections of its diverse community.

Equality Impact Assessments (EqIA) provide the framework through which this assessment can happen. Each Council policy or function is considered in relation to its impact across the nine protected characteristics of equality: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnerships, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation. If an adverse impact is identified then, wherever possible, attempts need to be made to remove or minimise this impact.

A full programme of Equality Impact Assessments is now in place. Completed Assessments are available below.

SCDC welcomes your view on any of these Assessments. Contact us at equality@scambs.gov.uk.

Over-arching Council Policies

Safeguarding Children Policy EqIA
Social Media Communications Policy Eq1A

Affordable Homes

Affordable Warmth Strategy EqIA
Anti Social Behaviour EqIA
Asset Management Strategy EqIA
Digital Inclusion Strategy EqIA
Discretionary Housing Benefit EqIA
Empty Homes Strategy EqIA
Financial Inclusion EqIA
Floating Support EqIA
Garage Strategy EqIA
Gypsy and Traveller Site Allocation Policy EqIA
Gypsy and Traveller Site Management Policy EqIA
Gypsy and Traveller Site Repairs Policy EqIA
Housing Advice & Options EqIA
Housing Management Policies & Procedures EqIA
Housing Strategy EqIA
Property Information Project EqIA
Resident Involvement EqIA
Tenancy Profiling EqIA
Under-occupation Policy EqIA

Corporate Services

Billing & Enforcement Recovery Policy EqIA
Community Engagement Strategy EqIA
Complaints, Comments and Compliments EqIA
Corporate Peer Challenge EqIA
Council Meetings EqIA
Customer Contact Service EqIA
Data Handling EqIA
Data Protection EqIA
Democratic Services EqIA
Disciplinary Policy EqIA
Discretionally Local Discounts for Council Tax EqIA
Discretionary Rate Relief EqIA
Elections & Electoral Registration EqIA
Energy Research Project EqIA
Family Policy EqIA
Grievance Policy EqIA
Gypsy and Traveller Community Strategy EqIA
Handling of Unreasonable or Unreasonably Persistent Complaints Policy EqIA
Harassment & Bullying Policy EqIA
Information Sharing Policy EqIA
Management of Sickness Absence Policy EqIA
Maternity & Adoption EqIA
Mileage & Car Allowance Policy EqIA
Organisational Change, Redundancy and Redeployment Policy and Procedures (partial) EqIA & Organisational Change, Redundancy and Redeployment Policy and Procedures (full) EqIA
Organisational Development Strategy EqIA
Payment of Council Tax by Credit Card EqIA
Performance Management Review EqIA
Probation Policy EqIA
Procurement EqIA
Protective Marking EqIA
Reception EqIA
Recruitment & Selection (partial) EqIA & Recruitment & Selection (full) EqIA
Relocation Policy EqIA
Removal of Discretionary Discounts on Long-Term Domestic Properties EqIA
Responding to Complaints, Comments and Comp EqIA
Revenue and Benefits EqIA
RIPA Policy EqIA
Risk Management Strategy EqIA
Staff Recognition Scheme EqIA
Write Off of Irrecoverable Debts EqIA
Zipcar EqIA

Health & Environmental Services

Air Quality Action Plan EqIA
Blue Bin Scheme EqIA
Bring Bank Review EqIA
CDRP Community Safety Plan EqIA
Cost Recovery Policy for Class B Persons EqIA
Emergency Planning Procedures EqIA
Enforcement Policy EqIA
Environmental Control Complaints EqIA
Food Safety EqIA
Gambling Policy EqIA
Health & Safety Enforcement EqIA
Health Inequalities EqIA
HMO Housing Regulation EqIA
Home Improvement Agency EqIA
Integrated Waste Management Service (partial) EqIA & Integrated Waste Management Service (full) EqIA
Out of Hours Service EqIA
Pest Control EqIA
Sex Establishments Policy EqIA
Street Cleansing & Fly Tipping EqIA
Street Trading Policy EqIA
Taxi Licensing EqIA

Planning & New Communities

Affordable Housing SPD EqIA
Biodiversity SPD EqIA
Building Control Service EqIA
Cambridgeshire Flood and Water EqIA
Cambridgeshire Residential Travel Plan EqIA
Community Engagement and Community Development EqIA
Community Engagement Strategy EqIA
Community Transport Strategy EqIA
Conservation & Design Service EqIA
Consideration and Determination of Planning Applications EqIA
Design Guide SPD EqIA
Economic Development Strategy EqIA
Fen Drayton SPD EqIA
Foodstore Provision in North West Cambridgeshire EqIA
Formation of a New Planning Service EqIA
Gypsy & Traveller DPD EqIA
Health Impact Assessment EqIA
Landscape SPD EqIA
Local Transport Plan EqIA
Listed Buildings SPD EqIA
North West Cambridge Area Action Plan - EqIA Screening & North West Cambridge Area Action Plan EqIA (Joint with City Council)
Open Space in New Developments EqIA
Orchard Park Design Guidance EqIA
Planning Enforcement EqIA
Site Specific Policies DPD EqIA
Sports Development EqIA
Statement of Community Involvement EqIA
Youth Participation Strategy EqIA

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