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Senior staff salaries and members' allowances

To show our commitment to being an open and transparent council, we have taken steps to publish details of senior management salaries. South Cambridgeshire District Council employs almost 500 staff who work to provide local services. Staff are led by a team that includes:

Job Title Service Area Gender  Functions No of staff Permanent/ Temporary Full Time Equivalent  Full Time Equivalent salary Full Time Equivalent  Pay Band Grade Bonus/ Benefits in kind  Other Budget 
Chief Executive Chief Executive  F All 510 P 1 122,969 £110,357 - £126,121 CEO Nil Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer  16,512,440
Executive Director - Corporate Services Corporate Services M HR, Benefits, Business Improvement Programme Management, Democratic Services, Finance 140 P 1 105,101 £89,337 - £105,101 Ex Dir Nil The below budgets up until Health & Environmental services fall within the Corporate Services' budget 4,757,040
Head of People and Organisational Development Corporate Services  F HR 9 P 1 60,660 £52,961 - £60,660 9 Nil   278,940
Revenues 36 727,790
Benefits 24 689,550
Contact Centre 23 603,320
Democratic Services 4 1,137,530
Projects and Transformation 0 -
Corporate Program Manager Corporate Services M Corporate Programme & Project Management. Facilities Management 8 P 1 51,422 £45,265 - £52,961 8 Nil   1,283,300
Benefits Manager Corporate Services F Housing Benefits, Council Tax Support and Customer Contact Service 24 P 1 51,422 £45,262 - £52,961 8 Nil   1,292,870
Joint Head of Finance Corporate Services F Finance, Policy and Performance, risk management and insurance, procurement, internal audit. 23 P 1 *69452 £52,961 - £60,660 9 Nil

 *Cambridge City Pay scale

Shared post with Cambridge City Council

Director - Health and Environmental Services Health & Environment M Sustainable Communities & Partnerships, Environmental Health, Licensing, Commissioning, Business Hub 225 P 1 85,296 £71,438 - £85,296 11 Nil The below budgets up until Housing all fall within the Healh and Environmental services' budget. 6,527,580
Waste Operations Manager Health & Environment M Shared waste service domestic collection and SCDC street cleansing, incident response.  165  P 52,961 £45,265 - £52,961 8 Nil   0
Head of Waste Resources Health & Environment M Shared Waste Service domestic refuse collection, shared commercial waste service, street cleansing in SCDC, policy, education, contract management. 167 P 1 60,660 £60,660 - £71,438 10 Nil  Shared post with Cambridge City Council 4,517,710
Head of sustainable Communities and Wellbeing Health & Environment Localism & parish council liaison, community development and engagement, health and wellbeing, public health, children, young people & families, crime and disorder / community safety, community transport, parish energy initiatives and grants to the voluntary and community sector 10 P 1 £54,502 £52,961 - £60,660 9 Nil   647,220
Head of Environmental Health & Licensing Health & Environment M Env Health and licensing regulation, Emergency Planning, Enforcement & Inspection policy, Licensing Act, Gambling Act and Taxi policies, Health & Safety Policy,Food safety, ASB, Envirocrime issues, Animal welfare.  18 P 1 52,961 £45,265 - £52,961 8 Nil   816,530
Head of Environmental Commissioning Health & Environment M Strategic Commissioning and Intelligent Client Management of H&ES Services; Growth Areas Planning, Air Quality, Contaminated Land, Awarded Watercourse Service, Footway Lighting, and H&ES Resources Team. 25 P 1 52,961 £45,265 - £52,961 8 Nil   546,120
Director - Affordable Housing Affordable Housing M Ermine Street, Housing stock, repairs, homelessness, new build, strategy 130 P 1 85,296 £71,438 - £85,296 11 Nil The below budgets up until Planning fall within the Housing budget. 1,435,750
Head of Housing Strategy Affordable Housing F Responsible for all housing strategy including assessment of housing needs, housing enabling, resident involvement and policy and performance.  13 P 1 49,884 £45,265 - £52,961 8 Nil  
Head of Housing Options and Advice Affordable Housing F Housing Advice and homeless prevention. Homelessness. SCDC's housing register and Home-Link (Choice Based Lettings) scheme. Sub-regional Home-Link scheme co-ordination. Housing support including life lines and visiting support service 30 P 1 52,961 £45,265 - £52,961 8 Nil  Job Share 1,112,460
Head of Housing (New Build) Affordable Housing F Role now subsumed into the Greater Cambridgeshire Housing Development Agency (HAD). Responsible for all South Cambs council new build development via HRA and other funding streams 5 P 1 49,884 £45,265 - £52,961 8 Nil   -
Head of Housing and Property services Housing Services F Responsible for all HRA, housing management and property services including gypsy and traveller sites within South Cambs 75 P 1 71,438 £6,660 - £71,438 10 Nil   322,650
Joint Director - Planning & Economic Development Planning M Planning applications, enforcement, policy, urban design, historic buildings, conservation, ecology, economic development, major developments 77 P 1 105,101 £89,337 - £105,101 11 Nil

The below budgets all fall within the planning services' budget.

Shared post with Cambridge City Council

Head of New Communities Planning F Major developments, urban design, historic buildings, conservation, ecology, major developments 18 P 1 60,660 £52,961 - £60,660 9 Nil   692,510
Planning Policy Manager Planning F Planning policy 9 P 1 52,961 £45,265 - £52,961 8 Nil   1,133,840
Head of Development Management Planning F Planning applications, enforcement, trees, S106 39 P 1 60,660 £52,961 - £60,660 9 Nil   1,538,160

Salary Information

Senior council officers' salaries are made available as part of our open data initiative, the following document includes salary details for the Chief Executive, Directors and Heads of Service.

Members' allowances scheme and expenses paid

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