Tenancy Visits

As part of our ongoing commitment to our tenants and leaseholders, we will be carrying out tenancy visits on all of our properties. 

This will involve visiting you in your home to discuss aspects of your household, tenancy and to carry out an inspection of where you live.

Why do we carry out these visits?

By doing this, it will mean that we will have a much better understanding of your needs and this will help us to shape your service in future, ensuring that we continue to work in your best interests. The ways in which we are hoping to do this include:

•  To identify the needs of our residents in order to develop and deliver services

•  To ensure communication methods and messages maximise response, service take up and awareness

We have over 5,000 properties and, as you can imagine, it is going to take some time to get round to everyone. For this reason, we are developing a programme that will organise these visits into a village by village schedule. 

Whilst we won't be able to contact everyone to book a specific appointment, we will write to you prior to the time our staff are due to visit your village. However, we appreciate that you may not be at home when we visit and we will put a card through your door so you can contact us to make a suitable appointment.

Please note, we would like to see 2 forms of identification, one of which should have a photograph such as a drivers licence or passport, the other should be proof of residence such as a utility bill. If you do not have any photographic identification, we will with your permission take a photograph of you at the visit. We will require your National Insurance number which would assist us in our duty to help prevent housing fraud this ensures our homes are being used for those in need of social housing. 

The data will not be shared with 3rd parties for commercial purposes, but may be shared with other public sector partners or suppliers for the effective delivery of Council services, and in certain other circumstances (such as to prevent or detect crime including fraud) as permitted by the Data Protection Act 1998.

The data will be kept in line with the Council’s data retention policy, and kept securely at all times. For more information about how the Council processes personal data please see the Privacy Policy on the Council website.

Please be assured this is not something to be worried or concerned about. We are doing this to improve things for you and the best way we can do this is to come and speak to you face to face. We are passionate about the service we provide and your needs and views are very important to us.

Council Officers from the Neighbourhood Services Team and the Sheltered Housing Team will carry out the visits and we estimate that the visit should last no more than half an hour at most. All of our Officers will carry identification and will show it to you before entering your home. 

We are hoping to be somewhere close to completing the project by April 2018.

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