Street naming and numbering overview

It is a legal requirement that all new individual properties are formally registered with us.

Applying for street naming and numbering

Please use our online application form to request a street naming and numbering service. We are responsible for street naming and numbering and it is essential that all new addresses are formally registered with us. This makes sure that emergency services and postal carriers can locate properties with ease.

Charges for street naming and numbering

We charge for some elements of the street naming and numbering process. You can see a breakdown of charges, detailing costs for new homes, new plots and amendments to existing properties.

New developments and individual properties

Individual properties need to be assigned a property number by us, this is a legal requirement. Where as, new developments need to be assigned both street names and property numbers.

Existing individual properties

Residents or businesses who wish to change their property name, or add a name to their existing address, must notify us of the proposed change. This is to make sure they do not conflict with any others in the neighbourhood.

More information is in our address management policy. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a proposed development, please use the contact details below.