Do you want to take that first step to a more active lifestyle?

If the answer is yes, why not go along to one of the walking sessions that take place in South Cambridgeshire. They are friendly groups, lead by volunteers, allowing for all speeds of walkers. It is an excellent way to meet people and get fit while enjoying the local environment.

Our top tips for walking

  • Find a group to run with - walking with a group makes it  more fun, you make new friends and a sharing tips with your group can help you get the most from your walking. 
  • Look out for any hazards or obstacles - whether it is a tree root or a parked car the sooner you spot them the easier it is to avoid them. Take all the personal safety precautions you normally would apply when on foot
  • Be aware of traffic - don't take risks. On some routes you may have a choice of points at which to cross a road so doing it when the road is quietest and you have the best view of traffic is safer and less disruptive to your walk
  • Don't drown out sounds - headphones are popular but make sure you are aware of the sounds in your surroundings that can give you early warning of hazards
  • Make sure you are visible - motorists will see you sooner and more clearly, and pedestrians are more likely to spot you and give you a clear run


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