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Planning and Building Control

Search for a Planning Application

Our planning search service is free and can be used for several planning purposes.

Apply for Planning Permission

Information about how to apply for Planning Permission and application form checklists and guidance material.
Request a building control inspection online

Building Control - Stages of Inspection

A list of all the stages of inspection and when you should request a building inspection for your property.

Building Regulation Guidance Notes and Application Forms

This page provides guidance on what details may need to be given to the Building Control Service when undertaking building work.

Historic Building FAQs

Find out the answers to all your listed buildings questions in our Historic Buildings FAQs.

Historic Buildings

Find out if your property could be eligible for a historic buildings grant and how you can apply.

Historic Buildings Team

Find out what the Historic Buildings Team does and how you can get in contact with them.

Trees FAQs

A collection of frequently asked questions on trees and Tree Preservation Orders.


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