News release from 26/03/2020

Residents thanked for understanding following suspension of green bin collections

Residents thanked for understanding following suspension of green bin collections

Residents are being thanked for their understanding and support following the suspension of green bin collections until early May. This is allowing crews to focus on emptying black and blue bins.

The Greater Cambridge Shared Waste Service, a partnership between Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Councils, made the decision in order to support staff and the recycling and waste service as a whole during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Head of the Greater Cambridge Shared Waste Service, Trevor Nicoll, said: “On Thursday (26 March), we had around a third of our waste collection workforce off due to either sickness or self-isolation. This is why we took the decision last week to suspend green bin collections. Doing so meant we have been able to carry on collecting black and blue bins as normal. Had we not done this, there would have been far more last-minute changes and disruption to people’s bin collections. Please minimise food waste but put any you are left with in the black bin. Don’t put garden waste into your black bin – either compost it or store it in your green bin for now. We’re reviewing things daily and if the situation changes, we’ll tell residents as soon as possible. We know some people are frustrated at this situation, but we’d ask them to only contact us if they are having extreme difficulties with waste collections. This will help our contact centre concentrate on assisting those vulnerable people who really need our help right now.”

Normally we would plan for such a significant change and have time to apply notes to residents’ bin. We did not have the time to do this because of the extraordinary circumstances. Messages have been placed on websites and social media instead as this is the quickest method to get messages out. We would advise all residents to check regularly to see if their collections will go ahead on the scheduled days.

For only garden waste in a green bin at the moment, this can be decanted out of the bin into a home composting area in the garden. Please see our website page containing our composting advice.

Mixed food and garden waste from your green bin can be decanted into the black bin.

Please keep garden waste out of your black bin.

Depending on what is in the green bin, residents may choose to leave the contents in it until we are able to collect. In this instance, it is advised to keep bins in the shade and to not leave food waste in the green bin.

You can get answers to more frequently asked questions on the suspension of green bin collections.

Further ways you can help bin crews:

  • If you can and it is safe to do so, please wash your bin handles and lids with mild disinfectant before you put them out for collection
  • More people will be going for walks locally as they observe the latest Government advice on social distancing. If you are able to take your litter and dog poo bags home and put them in your black bin it will help ease the pressure on our street cleaning crews