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News release from: 14/03/2023

Resident is fined after their waste is found dumped near a farm in Impington

Resident fined after their waste is found dumped near an Impington farm

A Cambridge resident has been fined after their waste was found dumped in Impington following an investigation by South Cambridgeshire District Council.

The resident failed in their duty of care after allowing someone who called at the house offering waste collection to take the rubbish away - without making checks that the waste would be properly disposed of.  

The illegal fly tip, close to Impington Farm in the village, was reported to the District Council. Officers visited the site shortly afterwards where they found evidence among the waste leading to a property in Cambridge.

Enquiries were made into how the waste was dumped at the location in Old Cambridge Road and the owners were formally interviewed under caution. 

During the interview it was established that the resident had failed in their duty of care regarding their household rubbish, leading to it being dumped amongst other waste items at the village location.

Following the investigation, South Cambridgeshire District Council issued a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £400, reduced to £300 if paid within 10 days, which is what happened.

The FPN was for the offence of failing to ensure all reasonable measures were taken to secure their waste or to prevent anyone else committing a fly tipping offence with it.

Cllr Henry Batchelor, Lead Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “It is imperative that anyone hired to remove waste is checked against the public registers of the Environment Agency on their website, and that written documents are transferred to show what the waste is and where it is to be disposed of safely.  Equally, it is a legal requirement for all householders to take every measure possible to secure their waste until such time as it is collected by an authorised collector.  Failure to do so, constitutes a criminal offence and as in this case can result in prosecution or Fixed Penalty Notices of up to £400.”

Cllr Dr Martin Cahn, a ward member for Impington, said: We are pleased to see this fly tipping incident dealt with swiftly leading to a Fixed Penalty Notice. We hope this will act as a deterrent to anybody else thinking of ruining our beautiful countryside and villages through the highly anti-social behaviour of dumping rubbish. I have been asking about the restoration of the old Impington Farm building nearby as part of the Darwin Green proposals and so keeping this area tidy is of personal interest. It is vital that people do not see this area, or indeed any locations, as an easy target for fly-tipping.”