Wasting food feeds climate change

Stop wasting food

Don’t believe us? Well, if we stopped throwing away the 710,000 tonnes of potatoes we waste every year in our homes, it could stop 330,000 tonnes of CO2e from going into the atmosphere!

When we throw away food that could have been eaten we are not just wasting food but the valuable resources that went into making it including water, land and greenhouse gases.

70% of all wasted food in the UK comes from our homes. That’s 4.5 million tonnes of tasty food wasted, and we can save every last crumb!

Join Love Food Hate Waste and spread the word about how to waste less food. Everyone can make a difference, and something as small as saving your leftovers and encouraging friends and family to do the same means you’re doing your part. 

How to do your bit

  • Check your cupboards and fridge, plan meals and make a list before you shop 
  • Hit pause on produce by freezing it before (or on) its use-by date 
  • Get creative in the kitchen to use up food which would otherwise be wasted – find recipes online 
  • Turn your fridge temperature down to below 5°C – keeping foods like milk fresher for longer 
  • Check out all the tips and advice at Love Food Hate Waste and Out Of Date UK and follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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