Renaming & naming an existing address

Renaming & naming an existing address

Applying for a new name/renaming of property

Apply online to name or rename your property

All new addresses must be formally registered with us to ensure that emergency services and postal carriers can locate properties with ease.

Please note charges may apply for these requests/amendments.

Proposed names will be checked to ensure it does not conflict with any other names in the neighbourhood and that it complies with our address management policy [PDF, 0.2MB] - see section 2.3.

If a property has already been allocated a number, any proposed name cannot be used as a replacement of that number. Names can only be used in addition to property numbers. 

Where a property has both a name and a number, Royal Mail will use the number as the primary identifier. The name will also be held in their database.

Guidance for applicants

When we have received your application, we will do the following:

  • Consult Royal Mail to ensure that the proposed property names are acceptable and are not likely to cause confusion with other addresses in the local area
  • Contact the applicant to arrange payment for street naming and numbering services
  • Notify interested parties of the new or changed address, including our internal departments and Royal Mail
  • Confirm official changed address to the applicant

Note for applicants:

  • A property name cannot be considered as a replacement for an already assigned number. Names may only be used in addition to an officially assigned number
  • Property numbers will not be removed unless it can be proved that the number is causing persistent problems for emergency services when locating the property
  • Names will only be used as the primary identifier for a property in the few cases where there is no numbering sequence already in place
  • Property names should not duplicate or part duplicate the name of the road
  • Any name that we deem to be offensive, inappropriate and or misleading will not be approved
  • Property names should not include punctuation or numeric characters
  • The use of ambiguous or in-distinctive names is discouraged such as ‘The Bungalow’, ‘The Cottage’ and ‘New Barn’
  • Property names should not be difficult to pronounce or spell

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