Discharge of conditions

Discharge of Conditions

Sometimes planning permission may be granted with attached planning conditions, so that a development isn’t refused.

The nature of the conditions vary and depend on the nature of the development and they are specific conditions to your development.

Often conditions attached to planning permissions need further details to be submitted and approved by us at certain stages of the development.

This process is called Discharge of Conditions.

However, some conditions may need us to approve them before the development starts (for example agreeing a type of or colour of material to be used). Other conditions can be discharged during the development.

Any conditions imposed on the planning permissions will be outlined on the decision notice and this will state any conditions that need to be discharged before development can begin and what details must be submitted to do so.

If you start work without discharging conditions you are at risk of enforcement action and of invalidating your permission.

There are three main types of condition:

  • Performance conditions: Do not need to be formally discharged
  • Pre-commencement conditions: Need to be formally discharged prior to construction or development starting
  • Pre-occupation conditions: Need to be formally discharged prior to the development being occupied

Apply to have conditions discharged

To apply to have conditions discharged you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Go to the planning portal
  2. Click Start or view your applications
  3. In the Planning Applications section, click on the link that says Start a planning application
  4. Complete Step 1 out of 3
  5. On Step 2, select Approval of details reserved by conditions as your Application type. 
  6. Continue filling out the rest of the form; you will need to be registered or have created a new account for this to be submitted. 

For further information on the removal/variation of conditions or approval of conditions, visit the planning portal

Application for Discharge of Conditions



You should include with your application any documents that you consider necessary to enable the condition to be discharged.

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