Draft Charging Schedule

We consulted on a CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule between 19 July and 30 September 2013.

In accordance with CIL Regulation 15 we considered all representations received and prepared a Draft Charging Schedule which was approved for consultation by Cabinet on 10 April 2014.

There was a consultation on the Draft Charging Schedule which we have received comments during this time which has resulted in the Council making 2 amendments:

(i) Amend Map 3 to accurately reflect the area North West of Cambridge Huntingdon Road to Histon Road SS/2 as per the Local Plan submission

(ii) Add a new area to CIL zone 3 to include a joint site allocation (with Cambridge City Council) known as Cambridge Northern Fringe East SS/4 and changing the proposed residential CIL rate from £100 psm to £125 psm (as per Cambridge City Council Draft Charging Schedule).

Infrastructure Evidence

Infrastructure Delivery Study Update August 2013

Infrastructure Delivery Study Final Report August 2012

Infrastructure Delivery Study Executive Summary August 2012

Infrastructure Delivery Study Appendix 1

Infrastructure Delivery Study Appendix 2

Infrastructure Delivery Study Appendix 3

Infrastructure Delivery Study Appendix 4

Infrastructure Delivery Study Appendix 5

Transport Strategy for Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire Transport Strategy and High Level Programme April 2014

Transport Strategy for Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire Action Plan and Scheme Details April 2014

Viability Evidence

SCDC Local Plan & CIL Viability Study Report - Final

Appendix Ia Ib & Ic Combined

Appendix IIa IIb & IIc Combined

Appendix III - All

Appendix IV Glossary of Terms - With Cover


National Guidance accompanying the Regulations is now part of the National Planning Practice Guidance.

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