Planning Enforcement Notices

There are a number of different notices and/or actions that are able to be taken by us

  • Enforcement Notice
  • Breach of Condition Notice
  • Stop Notice
  • Temporary Stop Notice
  • Section 215 Notice (Amenity Notice)
  • Formal Cautions
  • Planning Enforcement Order
  • Remedial Notice – High Hedges
  • Injunctive Action


Formal planning enforcement action may be taken where

  • The matter is so serious that it merits immediate action
  • there is a lack of confidence that the matter will be resolved voluntarily
  • there's a history of non-resolution of issues by a voluntary means
  • the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved on a voluntary basis.

Such action can take a number of forms, including issuing;

Enforcement Notices and Listed Building Enforcement Notices - require the actions specified in the Notice to be undertaken within the time period specified.
There is a right of appeal against these Notices.

Breach of Condition Notices - require compliance with conditions imposed on a grant of planning permission.
There's no right of appeal against these notices.

Untidy Land Notices - require the improvement of land or buildings in order to remedy their visual impact on the amenities of the surrounding area.
There is a right of appeal to the Magistrates Court against such Notices.

Improvement or Repairs Notices - in respect of Listed Buildings which are falling into disrepair.

Where it is considered expedient to do so a Temporary Stop Notice maybe issued.

In circumstances involving potentially serious or irreversible unauthorised development, an Injunction may be issued.

! Non-compliance with the Notices listed above within the required timescale is an offence which we will normally seek to pursue by means of a prosecution!


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