Building Control and Regulations

Building Control and Regulations

Building regulations apply to most types of building work and set minimum standards to ensure the safety of people in and around buildings.

3C Building Control is our shared Building Control services and function for us, Huntingdonshire District Council and Cambridge City Council.

Do I need building regulations?

You will need to submit an application for Building Regulations approval if you plan to:

  • Build a new dwelling or non-domestic building
  • extend a building, such as a kitchen extension or an attached garage
  • alter a building, such as removing a load-bearing wall or a chimney stack, or forming an opening in a structural or fire-protecting wall
  • underpin all or part of a building
  • convert a loft or make a new room in the roof space
  • install services and fittings such as showers, toilets, replacement glazing, central heating systems, boilers, flues, renewable energy systems, laying new drains or altering electrics
  • change the use of a building, for instance convert a house to flats or make more than one dwelling
  • put up a large conservatory where the floor area is greater than 30m2. A conservatory less than 30m2 is exempt if: at least 75% of the roof and 50% of the walls are of translucent material
  • it is thermally separated from the dwelling by walls, windows and doors with U-values and draught stripping provision at least as good as elsewhere in the dwelling and
  • the heating system of the dwelling is not extended into the conservatory
  • carry out work to thermal elements, for example re-plastering, replacement roofs (even if this only new or replacement "felt"), external rendering/cladding or new ground floor
  • alter or extend   commercial premises such as schools and hospitals
  • carry out work to improve access to and/or provide facilities for disabled people

Apply for a Building Notice Application

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