A brief history of Northstowe

A brief history of Northstowe

The proposed new town of Northstowe will be located 8km to the northwest of Cambridge, adjacent to the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway.

To the south, Northstowe will extend towards the village of Oakington and Westwick and to the west it will abut the village of Longstanton.

There will be an area of green separation between Northstowe and the neighbouring villages so they retain their distinct characters. In addition to residential developments, Northstowe will have mixed use local centres, a vibrant town centre, employment land, sports hubs, primary schools and a secondary school.

In July 2007 the Council adopted the Northstowe Area Action Plan (NAAP), which sets out the policy framework for the determination of any Northstowe planning application.

The following links will take you to the Northstowe Area Action Plan and the Development Control Policies Document, also adopted July 2007.

In December 2007 the Joint Promoters (The Homes and Communities Agency (previously English Partnerships) and Gallagher Longstanton Ltd) submitted an outline planning application for approximately 9,500 dwellings and associated facilities and infrastructure, together with three full applications for highway infrastructure.

These applications remain undetermined. A previous outline application for a new town of up to 8,000 dwellings, which was submitted in 2005 by Gallagher, was also withdrawn in December 2007.

Following the consultation process, the Council issued a letter dated 8 May 2008 to the Joint Promoters. An amendment to the Transport template was sent out with a letter dated 8 August 2008. Two further letters were sent to the Joint Promoters, dated 12 and 22 December 2008, which reiterated the Council's position following a series of meetings that took place during summer/autumn 2008.

Following Northstowe's inclusion in the second round of the eco-town process in 2010, the Government awarded £365,000 to fund a set of studies and a capital grant of £1,135,000 for two Eco-Town Demonstrator Projects.

These projects involved the retro fitting of properties in Rampton Drift, which will be within the new town, with sustainable energy technologies and an exhibition space at the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway Park and Ride site, which will serve Northstowe and the surrounding villages.

On 19 July 2011, the Council received an Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report [PDF] from the applicant for the first phase together with two covering letters dated 15 [PDF] and 19 July 2011 [PDF, 0.1MB]. View the Council's response to the Scoping Report [PDF].

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