Cambourne West

An overview of Cambourne West

Following the submission of the draft Local Plan to the Government for Examination in Public, Taylor Wimpey and Bovis Homes submitted an outline application for 2,350 homes (S/2903/14/OL) on a 147ha site to the west of Lower Cambourne.

Although the site, which extends up to the A1198, is mainly in the parish of Caxton, it has become known as Cambourne West.

The outline application for Cambourne West was approved by the Council’s planning committee on 11th January 2017. This approval was based on the argument that delivering the larger site would result in a more comprehensive and sustainable form of development than if the land to the west of the proposed Local Plan allocation were to be developed at a later date.

Future Development of Cambourne West

In order to accommodate the needs of the increased population, Cambourne West will deliver a new secondary school and two further primary schools along with sporting facilities including an all weather athletics track and a BMX track.

Financial contributions will also be made to Cambourne Parish Council so they can deliver community and off-site sporting facilities such as a swimming pool.

Once the Section 106 legal agreement that will secure all of the contributions and off site transport mitigation works has been finalised, detailed applications for infrastructure and the first phase of development will be submitted and consulted upon in the usual way.

Although not within the site of the Cambourne West application, there are proposals for homes and small business units on the undeveloped land within Cambourne Business Park.

This land falls within the Council’s draft allocation and offers the opportunity for a route through the Business Park to Cambourne West.

An application for this land is expected sometime in 2018.  

How can I view the Cambourne West planning application?

The best way for you to view the plans is by visiting our planning portal. 

If you do not have internet access, you can also view the plans at our office between 9am and 5pm on weekdays.

Please also look out on Parish notice boards for details of how the Parish Council will make the plans available for viewing.

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