Landscape design and FAQs

Landscape design and FAQs

Landscape can mean virtually any outdoor space - from the smallest front garden to very large areas of land.

Landscape is often described as having 'Character'. This refers to the combination of geology (the underlying rocks and soils), the land form (hills, plains and valleys), vegetation (trees and shrubs, plants and grasses) and human influences (farms, roads, buildings etc), which make an area distinctive.

South Cambridgeshire has a really diverse landscape.

Our team always try to make sure that existing areas of landscape are conserved and enhanced, and that new development will contribute by including a high quality of landscape design.

We aim to provide the best possible environments for people to both live and work in, and enjoy.

Yes, to a very limited extent - where design work would assist in explaining detailed planning advice, for example.

The landscape Service works along side the Urban Design Service who can also offer design advice.

Yes, but most trees are the responsibility of the individual owner, the local Parish Council, landlords or developers. We can advise on design or planning issues affecting trees.

  • Environment Agency - The Environment Agency aims are to protect and improve the environment, and to promote sustainable development, playing a central role in delivering the environmental priorities of central government and the Welsh Government.
  • The Landscape Institute - A professional organisation and educational charity working to protect, conserve and enhance the natural and built environment for the public benefit.
  • Natural England - The Natural England website has a full description of the Landscape Character Areas and suggestions for management to enhance the area.
  • Cambridgeshire County Council - Outlining Green Infrastructure, Action for wildlife, Sharing habitats and species information and Cambridgeshire landscape.
  • Responding to landscape enquiries from the general public, Parish Councils and other professionals.
  • Advising our Development Control colleagues on planning applications affecting the landscape.
  • Monitoring completed landscape schemes to ensure compliance with landscape planning conditions.
  • Landscape input to housing growth areas, ensuring that a good quality landscape becomes an integral part of all developments.
  • Producing planning policy and guidance on landscape matters.
  • Supporting the conservation and enhancement of landscape in South Cambridgeshire and the Eastern Region.
  • Celebrating and promoting South Cambridgeshire's diverse landscape character.

The team can provide advice on a wide range of spaces both large and small, urban and real.

This can include:

  • The location and setting of new development or redevelopment.
  • The spaces outside buildings, including housing and schools.
  • Public Open Space and sports facilities.
  • Highways and other transport corridors.
  • Landscape history and conservation.
  • Landscape character and environmental assessment.
  • Landscape management.
  • Planning advice

South Cambridgeshire is still a largely rural Borough, and historically, most local open spaces will be the responsibility of the Parish Council.

However, with increased development, the provision of larger open spaces is becoming more common. These spaces are normally managed by interested outside bodies and trusts, sometimes set up specifically for the management of the individual space.

Our Landscape Team is committed to the growth of sustainable landscapes and development, which can assist in reducing the effects of climate change.

The Landscape Team work closely with the Council's Ecology Officer on these issues

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