Conservation Area Appraisal - Duxford Airfield

South Cambridgeshire District Council designated a Conservation Area at Duxford Airfield on 4 June 2007.

Prior to this, a thematic airfield survey carried out by English Heritage had identified the importance of Duxford as the finest and best preserved example of a Fighter Base, representative of a period up to 1945 in Britain, and with an exceptionally complete group of WWI buildings.
The survey resulted in many buildings being listed by the Secretary of State in December 2005.

In 2006 an appraisal document of the Airfield was produced and this was presented to the Council's Conservation Advisory Group and Portfolio Holder at a meeting on 16 May 2007. Members supported both the Appraisal and Conservation Area boundary.

Following meetings with representatives of the Imperial War Museum, the Council's Cabinet considered the Duxford Airfield Conservation Area Appraisal at a meeting on 16 January 2008, but deferred a decision on the approval of the Appraisal as Council Policy.

A PDF version of the document may be downloaded below. The maps have been separated out to make it easier to download.

Duxford Airfield Conservation Area Appraisal - without maps
Duxford Airfield Conservation Area Appraisal - full map - (draft)
Duxford Airfield Conservation Area Appraisal - general maps - (draft)

Paper copies of the document may also be inspected at our South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne offices, during normal office hours.

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