Closed Churchyards

We are currently responsible for three closed churchyards at St Mary the Virgin in Great Shelford, All Saints in Horseheath and St Mays and All Saints in Willingham.

A churchyard can become closed under one of the following circumstances:

  • It is full and there is no space for any new burial plots.
  • The continued use of the churchyard for burials may constitute either a risk to safety or be contrary to decency.
  • If not allowing any further burials to take place may prevent or mitigate nuisance.

Currently the churchyards do not have individual management plans, but we are responsible for the maintenance of the grass, trees, boundary walls, memorials and footpaths. Each churchyard is managed for safety but respecting individual character, use and wildlife.

To raise an issue or for more information on the maintenance that we are responsible for, please either call us on 03450 450 500 or email

For information on other matters relating to individual churches or churches in general you will need to contact the church or the Diocese of Ely directly.

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